VALORANT: Episode 7 will include Team Deathmatch

VALORANT: Episode 7 will include Team Deathmatch

6. June 2023 by miranda angeles

Recently, Riot Games announced that the release of VALORANT Episode 7 Act 1 will include the launch of the new Team Deathmatch.

New features coming to VALORANT

Riot Games has announced a host of details coming to the game soon. In addition, the developer has released a new video, the Dev Diaries, where the VALORANT developer team tells all the details.

The video shows a small preview of what awaits all fans of Riot’s first-person shooter for 2023. It mentions new agents for the game and introduces a Team Deathmatch mode, which arrives with episode 7. On the other hand, the official launch of VALORANT in China has also been announced.

Episode 7 includes Team Deathmatch mode

Probably the most popular and beloved game mode for VALORANT fans is Team Deathmatch. It is a simple game mode but can offer players many hours of fun. This game mode has also been one of the most anticipated by the gaming community; recall that a Dev Diaries video released in January by Riot Games announced the introduction of the new TDM to VALORANT.

Finally, the wait for the new TDM is about to end. Dev Diaries executive producer Anna Donlon announced her appearance in the upcoming episode.

After making that small announcement, Anna Donlon gave the floor to Andy Ho, the game’s director. Andy Ho has been in charge of informing the whole community that Team Deathmatch will make its debut in episode 7.

But that’s not all. Andy Ho also revealed that the new Team Deathmatch would feature new maps specially designed for this game mode. On the other hand, he also revealed that the new game mode would be different from Deathmatch, in which each player goes free-for-all and is where many players want to practice their aim.

Recall that Deathmatch is played on conventional maps where no special skills of the agents can be used. However, agents can use their skills for the new Team Deathmatch, thanks to the new maps.

Leaks of the new Team Deathmatch

According to information leaked by ValorLeaks, the new game mode will be called HURM instead of being called Team Deathmatch. However, we still have to wait for Riot Games to confirm if the rumors are correct.

On the other hand, ValorLeaks has mentioned the custom maps for the new mode, where the leaker assures that they are developed specifically for this mode and not by the players.

VALORANT Episode 7

Many VALORANT fans must be eager for the arrival of the new Team Deathmatch mode and are wondering when it will make its debut in the game. Now, the game developers have reported that the new mode arrives with Episode 7, so all you need to do is check the countdown timer for Episode 6 Act 3 in Battlepass.

If all goes as planned, Episode 6 Act 3 concludes on June 26, which means that Episode 7 makes its debut on June 27.