VALORANT: Egoist is signed by BLEED

VALORANT: Egoist is signed by BLEED

25. September 2023 by miranda angeles

News recently broke of the signing of Javier “Egoist” Chua to the BLEED team. It is important to note that Egoist joins the team after losing to them in the VALORANT Ascension. As the saying goes, “If you can’t beat the enemy, join them.”

In VALORANT level 1 and level 2, there is a constant change between team players. We often see players from some teams leaving with their big rivals. For example, Egoist has left with the team against which he lost the Ascension final.

BLEED signs Egoist

Recently, Egoist, the former Paper Rex, and X10 Esports player, has been signed by Ascension winner BLEED. This team currently needs only one player to complete the roster for the 2024 season.

Without a doubt, BLEED has seen Egoist’s potential and has taken him to their roster. Egoist is preparing to make his foray into VALORANT level 1. Considering all the talent that BLEED has on their roster and the flexibility that Egoist can bring, this team will be a tough contender next season.

You can tell that Egoist is very familiar with and knows his new team, BLEED, very well. Recall that BLEED defeated X10 Esports in two consecutive splits to win the championship crown. The promotion of any of these teams was in the second Split in which BLEED became champion after winning 3-0.

Undoubtedly, the passage of Egoist left an important mark on X10 Esports and VALORANT level 2. Egoist is a player who has excellent stats in his zone. These stats are above average for the region. If we look at the stats in the crucial match in Ascension, Egoist won 97 crucial situations, in which he won 22, an excellent figure for the league, which positions him as the best in that aspect.

Egoist’s excellent play

Egoist’s stats make sense if we consider his role as a sentry using agents Cypher and Killjoy. Regardless of his team, this player is usually the last line of defense. On the other hand, we should mention that the rest of Egoist’s stats are not really impressive, but his team consistency is always decisive.

Historically, Egoist has played in outstanding teams but has struggled to impose himself in the most decisive competitions. Before his sabbatical year in 2021, he routinely ranked second on the SMG team. At that time, the team lost to promising teams such as X10 and Paper Rex. Finally, however, Egoist’s chance has come to prove he can hold his own against the best teams in the Pacific League.