VALORANT: EG Potter is the first woman to win a major championship

VALORANT: EG Potter is the first woman to win a major championship

27. August 2023 by miranda angeles

The 2023 VALORANT Champions saw Evil Geniuses’ VALORANT team win the world championship. We could often see the team repeatedly exceeding the expectations of the entire community throughout 2023. For her part, Coach Potter was instrumental in her team’s victory. She also made history as the first female esports coach to win such a major international title.

But for Evil Geniuses, this year has not been all rosy. The team had a bad start. Throughout the VALORANT Americas regular season, it was considered one of the worst-performing teams. This team barely qualified for the Tokyo Masters, but things changed in this championship. EG managed to win practically everything in that tournament.

Undoubtedly, after EG had a difficult start, fans in North America and the rest of the world have experienced great satisfaction with the victory of their favorite team.

While winning an international title such as the VALORANT Champions is already a great achievement, coach Christine “Potter” Chi has become the first woman to take home such an important title. Potter is the first female coach to win an international tournament.

Potter makes history in the esports world

In different esports, many people consider that coaches are not that important to the team. Although coaches’ influence is obvious, coaches are usually only limited to preparing players before the match and catching mistakes in games.

In VALORANT, however, this is not the case. In this sport, coaches significantly impact the team’s performance. Even in VALORANT games, coaches have their cameras. They can interrupt the game, which has a real impact on the match. We commented that Potter has been a key player in EG’s 2023 VALORANT Champions victory.

During the tournament, her positive influence could be seen. The team almost always experienced significant improvements after the breaks called by Potter. After the important victory, Potter could be seen happy. She praised each team member and said they were the best in the world.

Potter’s style as a coach

It can be said that Potter has endeared herself to all the fans thanks to her extremely successful and attractive teaching methods that no other coach has managed to match. Her training style makes her stand out from the rest of the trainers.

It is important to note that the Game Changers League also has great players and coaches. However, Potter is the first coach to win a high-level esports tournament. This victory by Potter and her team undoubtedly helps eliminate some gender barriers within the esports industry and allows women to gain some prominence.