VALORANT: Content creator responds to criticism of his attempt to turn the game into an RPG

VALORANT: Content creator responds to criticism of his attempt to turn the game into an RPG

12. September 2023 by miranda angeles

Recently, VALORANT content creator Keeoh has responded to criticism of his attempt to turn the game into an RPG. Keeoh claims that he unintentionally started a big controversy.

Keeoh tries to turn VALORANT into an RPG

Popular content creator Keeoh has responded to criticism and outrage over his YouTube series, where he attempts to turn VALORANT into an RPG. The content creator is criticized for smurfing and interfering in some ranked games.

Last September 8, content creator Keeoh uploaded his first video of this series. The video is titled “I’ve turned VALORANT into a role-playing game.”

In the first video of the series, Keeoh sets himself the challenge of advancing through each of the ranks with a limited number of weapons at his disposal. For example, in this first video, the content creator could only use an iron knife and was prohibited from using guns. In addition, Keeoh commented that he could only upgrade from iron once he won three games in a row using only knives.

Although this may seem funny to many, some players pointed out a very important problem: smurfing. If we consider that Keeoh is Radiant rank, the highest rank in the game, with this challenge, the player will have to go completely unnoticed in ranks lower than his and face opponents with a rank much lower than his. This Keeoh challenge, where he can only use a knife, can be problematic for many players in the room with the content creator.

On the other hand, this challenge from Keeoh may not only hurt the rating (RR) of players in competitive play. But it can also be taken as a mockery of players in the lower ranks.

Keeoh responds to criticism

Keeoh, in response to the criticism related to smurfing, posted a message on his Reddit account yesterday, September 11. In this post, the content creator outlines his plans for the future of his VALORANT series as an RPG.

According to the information revealed by Keeoh, the content creator will only make these kinds of challenges in custom games. In addition, Keeoh states that he will only be looking for fans willing to participate as volunteers. This way, Keeoh will not be smurfing other players’ ranked games. So, his role-playing challenges will not affect any other player’s rank or competitive experience.

The content creator specified in his post that everyone who joins his games will know what they are up against. Although Keeoh did not formally apologize, all his fans are delighted that he is committed to ending this series that can negatively affect many players.

Hey everyone, Keeoh here– I wanted to update you all on my Valorant RPG series.
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