Reevaluating the VALORANT VCT Competitive Schedule: A Call for Changes

Reevaluating the VALORANT VCT Competitive Schedule: A Call for Changes

21. February 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) has returned with the highly anticipated 2024 Kickoff tournaments, marking the end of over 170 days without tier-one VALORANT action. However, the excitement has been overshadowed by concerns raised by teams and fans alike regarding the new tournament format and schedule.

The Two-Match Dilemma

Teams like 100 Thieves find themselves in a challenging position, having played only two competitive games—equivalent to just four maps—before facing a nearly two-month break. This abrupt hiatus has left both players and fans feeling disheartened, questioning the feasibility of the current VCT schedule.

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Format and Frustration

The revised Kickoff tournament format for 2024, which skips regional round-robin play and instead initiates all 11 teams in each region into a double-elimination bracket, has drawn criticism for its implications.

Teams unprepared at the outset or facing unfavorable bracket matchups find themselves relegated to just two matches in the initial split of the season, with no return to the stage until after Masters Madrid in March.

100Thieves’ Experience

100 Thieves, after suffering consecutive losses to Leviatán and Sentinels, is a prime example of the frustrations surrounding the current schedule. The team expressed their disappointment on social media, highlighting the significant gap until their next competitive appearance.

Community Concerns

Fans and players have taken to social media to voice their discontent with the Kickoff format. Many lament the brevity of their favorite teams’ appearances, while others, including prominent VCT figures like NRG’s head coach Chet Singh, have raised valid concerns about the practicality of the current structure.

Addressing Burnout and Offseason Length

The issue of burnout, a prevalent concern during the inaugural franchised VALORANT season in 2023, resurfaces in the context of the prolonged offseason. With Champions concluding in August and Kickoff commencing in late February, tier-one teams endured an extensive hiatus of close to six months, exacerbating burnout concerns.

A Call for Action

While the VALORANT community acknowledges the necessity for schedule adjustments, definitive solutions remain elusive. VALORANT esports head Leo Faria has acknowledged the burnout concerns but indicated that substantial changes may not materialize until 2025.

Conclusion: Looking Ahead

As the VCT Americas Kickoff tournament resumes, teams and fans alike await potential revisions to the competitive schedule. For now, organizations like 100 Thieves and their supporters must navigate the current landscape with patience, hopeful for future improvements.

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