Valorant Champions 2024: Schedule, Venue, Prize Pool, and Everything You Need to Know

Valorant Champions 2024: Schedule, Venue, Prize Pool, and Everything You Need to Know

2. July 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The Valorant Champions 2024 is set to bring together the world’s top 16 teams in Seoul, South Korea. This highly anticipated event will mark the culmination of the competitive Valorant season, offering fans a thrilling showdown between the best of the best.

Here’s everything you need to know about the event, including the schedule, venues, and ticket details.

Event Overview

As we approach the end of the competitive Valorant season, all eyes are on the Champions 2024. Riot Games has recently revealed crucial details about the event’s schedule and venues, sparking excitement across the community. The championship will feature 16 teams, with four representatives from each International League.

VALORANT Champions 2024 en Seul

Venues and Dates

The Valorant Champions 2024 will take place in two main venues in Seoul:

  1. COEX Shinhan Card Artium:
    • Group Stage: August 1 – 6
    • Playoff Stage: August 14 – 18
    • This venue is well-known for hosting VCT Pacific events.
  2. INSPIRE Arena:
    • Final Stage: August 23 – 25
    • This arena boasts a capacity of 15,000 spectators, ensuring an electric atmosphere for the grand finals.

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Ticket Information

Tickets for the event will be available for purchase soon, with different tiers offering various seating options and prices:

COEX Shinhan Card Artium:

  • Weekdays: Single Tier – 28,000 KRW
  • Weekends: Single Tier – 35,000 KRW


  • August 23 (Upper Bracket Finals & Lower Bracket Semifinals):
    • Tier 1: 110,000 KRW
    • Tier 2: 83,000 KRW
    • Tier 3: 55,000 KRW
    • Tier 4: 35,000 KRW
  • August 24 (Lower Bracket Finals, BO5):
    • Tier 1: 123,000 KRW
    • Tier 2: 96,000 KRW
    • Tier 3: 69,000 KRW
    • Tier 4: 48,000 KRW
  • August 25 (Grand Final, BO5):
    • Tier 1: 164,000 KRW
    • Tier 2: 123,000 KRW
    • Tier 3: 96,000 KRW
    • Tier 4: 69,000 KRW

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Prize Pool

The prize pool for the Valorant Champions 2024 has yet to be announced. However, it is expected to be substantial, given the event’s prominence and the scale of the competition.


The hype for the Valorant Champions 2024 is building, and with the event’s details now revealed, fans can start making their plans. Whether you’re a local fan or traveling from abroad, this is a tournament you won’t want to miss.

For more information on ticket purchases and event details, check out this link. Stay tuned for more updates and ticket sale announcements, and get ready for an unforgettable Valorant experience in Seoul!

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