Valorant Bug Forces Riot Games to Disable Split Map

Valorant Bug Forces Riot Games to Disable Split Map

24. April 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In an unexpected turn of events, Riot Games has been compelled to take drastic action by disabling the Split map in Valorant due to a critical bug, disrupting the gameplay experience for players across the board.

Understanding the Issue

Following the release of Patch 08.7, which brought about various adjustments and alterations, including those affecting the agent Omen, players quickly encountered unforeseen challenges.

Among these, an exploit within the Split map emerged, granting players unauthorized access to a restricted area within the A site. This exploit provided players with an unfair advantage, significantly impacting match outcomes and competitive integrity.

Bug/glitch abuse – Split, Jett & Raze
byu/memepeep inValorantCompetitive

Riot’s Response

Upon identifying the exploit, Riot Games swiftly responded by disabling the Split map in several game modes, including Swiftplay, Competitive, Unrated, Spike Rush, and Premier. This decision was made to prevent further exploitation of the bug and maintain fair gameplay standards across Valorant matches.

Impact on Gameplay and Tournaments

The decision to disable the Split map has had significant repercussions, particularly in the competitive scene. Originally scheduled as the primary map for Premier mode, its removal has forced Riot to substitute it with Ascent for the time being.

Additionally, Split has been excluded from map selection and banning processes in Premier Playoffs, further highlighting the severity of the situation.

Addressing Additional Issues

In addition to the Split map exploit, Riot Games has acknowledged and addressed another issue affecting the agent Cypher. This bug inadvertently reveals Cypher’s Trapwires (C) on the minimap to teammates following his demise. While not as critical as the Split map exploit, Riot remains committed to resolving all gameplay-affecting issues promptly.

Final Thoughts

The disabling of the Split map underscores Riot Games’ dedication to preserving the competitive integrity of Valorant. By taking swift and decisive action in response to critical bugs, Riot aims to ensure that all players can enjoy a fair and balanced gameplay experience.

Moving forward, players can expect further updates and improvements as Riot continues to address issues and refine the Valorant experience.

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