VALORANT and Star Wars, the collaboration dreamed of by many gamers

VALORANT and Star Wars, the collaboration dreamed of by many gamers

18. July 2023 by miranda angeles

Objectively speaking, VALORANT skins are good. Although the prices are debatable, all VALORANT players have lines of skins they are in love with.

Regardless of whether it’s the Ion, Oni, RGX, or Glitchpop, everyone has spent money in-game to buy a new skin to show off in the various game modes of Riot Games’ shooter. However, you can always ask for more and have other awesome skins come to the game that everyone wishes they had.

Although the collaboration between VALORANT and Star Wars probably won’t happen officially within the game, you can say that it exists. Today we will show you the VALORANT x Star Wars skin.

The Riot Games Universe gets a Star Wars look

As we have already pointed out, even though VALORANT skins are really good, people always want much more. So many game fans are dedicated to creating different alternatives that pair the game weapons with other TV shows or historical movie sagas.

VALORANT player “Vegod” made a tie-in we didn’t know we needed until we could see it. We are talking about a marriage between VALORANT and Star Wars.

While, at first, it may not stick in the minds of gamers, this Indian content creator has proven that we can alter those ideas. After seeing the images and video created by Vegod, many people imagine how various VALORANT agents in,

Undoubtedly, through the Vandal and especially the melee weapon, we could witness the true genius that Vegod has created. The work done by Vegod has been impressive, as he has not only shown some pictures but also posted a video showing off these new skins.

In the Icebox map, we could see a very hype video with Omen and Darth Vader sharing the screen. We also saw the appearance of a lightsaber that thousands of players would pay to have in their weapon collection.

Spiderman or Barbie are other collaborations you didn’t expect to see

Vegod is a content creator known for creating crossovers between popular TV shows or movies of the time of great value. Not only has he created the collaboration between VALORANT and Star Wars, but he has created other collaborations that perhaps no one would ever imagine they would see.

Recently Vegod has published a series of photos and videos of other movies, including some that have just received new adaptations to the big screen, such as Spiderman or Barbie.