VALORANT: Agent Deadlock’s map control is based on traps

VALORANT: Agent Deadlock’s map control is based on traps

25. June 2023 by madara s

For episode 7, VALORANT’s new agent, Deadlock, will bring a map control based on traps for her enemies to the game’s meta.

Agent Deadlock’s trap-based map control

The new agent joining the VALORANT rosters is Deadlock; the Norwegian-born sentry will be armed with nanowires which will be used to cause a commotion or prevent enemies from advancing. Deadlock will be in charge of setting traps while using her ultimate ability to capture, strangle and even cause the death of her rivals.

According to details revealed by the game developers, deploying traps that can trap and affect opposing players in particular ways is the core of Deadlock’s skill kit.

The goal of the VALORANT development team, according to Alexander Mistakidis, the game designer, was to bring to life an agent that could “actively hold its own with its utility, rather than needing to configure its utility beforehand.”

Deadlock’s abilities

One of Deadlock’s abilities is using the GravNet grenade; this grenade can be thrown from below or above; then, the moment it detonates, it causes his enemies to get caught in it and forces them to stay low and slow down. On the other hand, Deadlock can use his sonic sensor by placing it on a surface. This sensor will be activated when it detects footsteps, gunshots, or significant noises in the area where it is placed.

Now, one of the most outstanding abilities of this new agent is the Barrier Mesh. This ability is activated when Deadlock throws a disc to the ground with which she can perform her characteristic maneuver of creating four barriers that obstruct and limit opponents’ movements.

Last but not least is Deadlock’s terrifying ultimate ability Deadlock Annihilation. This agent releases a pulse of nanowires designed in the shape of a nest where it locks up the first opponent it comes into contact with. Now, if the agent is dragged to the end of the nanowire line, he dies. But, if the trapped agent’s teammates destroy the nest first, the player can be freed.

No doubt the mix of all Deadlock’s abilities will give this agent a strong control of the map in VALORANT. However, according to the information commented by the developers, Deadlock’s utility is more reactive than that of the Killjoy and Cypher sentries, who set up simpler configurations. While Deadlock will undoubtedly help in defensive setups, she seems well-positioned to impact retakes and post-plants significantly.

VALORANT Episode 7

As part of the new advancement system unveiled in Episode 7, Deadlock will be the first agent to be unlocked through the new temporary agent recruitment event. Deadlock can be unlocked instantly for players with a Game Pass subscription or through purchase with VALORANT points, but it can also be unlocked through games played, and rounds won that grant the XP needed for it.