VALORANT: A professional player has inappropriate behavior and is permanently banned from the game

VALORANT: A professional player has inappropriate behavior and is permanently banned from the game

3. May 2023 by miranda angeles

Recently a professional player has engaged in inappropriate behavior, as a result of which he has been permanently banned from the game. According to Riot Games, this is unacceptable behavior in VALORANT.

The player Vilius “krea6on” Malinauskas is recorded while mocking the disability of another player. This inappropriate conduct has brought serious consequences for krea6on, as he has been permanently banned from the following competitions:

  • Challengers League East: Surge
  • VALORANT East: United

krea6on’s inappropriate conduct

krea6on recently, on a VALORANT game broadcast, openly harassed Marcus “SoMarcus” Black, a NAVI content creator. The taunting and harassment of krea6on for SoMarcus were done through in-game chat, text messages, and voice communications.

After the strong harassing messages from the Lithuanian player krea6on, Riot Games has decided to ban him from Polska Liga Esportowa completely. As of yesterday, the player was banned from the league.

Yesterday, May 2, the organizers of Polska Liga Esportowa revealed on their Twitter account that they had made a final decision regarding Krea6on. It is important to note that this is the second foul of the Lithuanian player. In the first foul, he received a minor punishment. However, he did not have the same luck this time and was severely punished.

krea6on’s harassment of SoMarcus

As mentioned before, the Lithuanian player harasses and taunts SoMarcus. In krea6on’s live broadcast, krea6on mocks SoMarcus’ facial spasms. krea6on, throughout the game, constantly taunted the other player by making noises regardless of SoMarcus asking him countless times to stop the harassment.

After living that unpleasant experience, SoMarcus posted on his Twitter account that krea6on is horrible for making fun of another person’s disability. SoMarcus wonders how these players can continue participating in the game.

As previously mentioned, this is not the first time krea6on has made such comments and harassed another player. During the last year, the player was also punished for that behavior. Specifically, in April 2022, the Lithuanian player violated some rules of the global competition policy, and as a punishment, he was suspended from all VALORANT competitions of the second stage.

After kea6on received the first punishment, the player issued a public apology, stating it was a bad habit. In addition, Kea6on attributed it to a lack of confidence in his second language.

It is important to note that kea6on has not yet reached the top tier of VALORANT Eastern European Challengers League East Surge and has already been banned. So it is very likely that we will not see him play at that level.