Valorant: Three Essential Features Riot Games Should Implement in 2024

Valorant: Three Essential Features Riot Games Should Implement in 2024

30. December 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

After more than three years, Valorant continues to evolve with new agents, maps, and weapons, including a recent sniper rifle addition. However, there’s still room for improvement in Riot Games’ tactical shooter.

Borrowing from other companies and even leveraging features from League of Legends, here are three changes that could significantly enhance Valorant, especially for casual players, and potentially reduce toxicity in the game.

1. Role Selection System

The most requested feature from the community is a role selection system. Currently, in all ranks, the first player to load often grabs the most popular character, usually a duelist. With 24 agents and more on the horizon, this system could streamline team composition.

valorant match

Implementing a Flexible Fifth Pick

A typical team composition includes a smoke agent, an initiator, a controller, and a duelist. Introducing a flexible fifth pick could allow teams to adapt based on the team’s needs and map requirements, enhancing strategic depth and player satisfaction.

2. Replay System

Another highly anticipated feature is a replay system. Riot Games hinted at its implementation, but details remain scarce. A robust replay system would not only benefit player skill development but also content creation.

Boosting Content Creation and Learning

With replays, players could analyze gameplay, create and share highlights, and content creators could find new narratives for their work. This feature would also benefit those without recording tools, enabling them to share their plays and mishaps easily.

3. Map Selection

Valorant’s diverse map pool offers variety, but it also leads to player frustration when repeatedly playing disliked maps. Allowing players to select their preferred maps could enhance the gaming experience.

Balanced Map Playtime

While Riot might be hesitant to allow complete freedom in map choice due to investment in map development, a compromise could be setting map vetoes or mandating certain maps be played periodically. This approach ensures all maps are played while respecting player preferences.

Elevating Valorant for Casual Gamers and Reducing Pre-Game Toxicity

Implementing these features could significantly improve Valorant’s gameplay experience, catering to both casual and competitive players. Riot Games has the opportunity to evolve Valorant further, keeping it fresh and engaging for its dedicated community.