The Untold Legacy of BeryL: The Underrated Luminary of Worlds

The Untold Legacy of BeryL: The Underrated Luminary of Worlds

4. November 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Often in the grand tapestry of esports, some threads shine brighter than others, not because they’re inherently more illustrious, but because of the background they’re set against. In the grand scheme of Worlds, Cho Geon-hee “BeryL” has been such a thread. While most thrive in the limelight, some champions like BeryL, the pivotal support from DRX, find their power in understatement.

An Unexpected Protagonist


When the quarterfinals draw for Worlds took place, BeryL’s entry was as unanticipated as his elite debut. It’s rare to find individuals willingly taking the back seat, setting aside the chase for prominence. His relaxed demeanor during the heated moments made audiences realize his intrinsic worth to the spectacle. This DRX support’s approach to the game is somewhat reminiscent of the quiet genius of LNG Esports’ mid, Lee Ye-chan “Scout”.

The Soundless Impact

For years, BeryL has silently influenced game after game, playing a quintessential role in complementing stars like Kim Geon-bu “Canyon”, Heo Su “ShowMaker”, and Kim Dong-ha “Khan”. His presence in the League is analogous to Mahershala Ali’s impact on the Oscars – essential, yet understated.

League of Legends Championship Korea (LCK) has always been a platform where stars are born. But BeryL’s journey speaks of a star who shone the brightest when no one was looking.

A Flash of Brilliance in the Dark

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The surprising victory of DRX in the 2022 World Championship remains unparalleled in the annals of international League of Legends. Such is its legacy that it left the subsequent year’s champions grappling to even qualify for the playoffs. While stars like Deft and Pyosik found their footing, albeit barely, BeryL faced the harshest aftermath. Despite having seasoned teammates like Kim Kwang-hee “Rascal”, the DRX lineup fell short of expectations.

Genshin Impact – A game that BeryL took solace in after a heart-wrenching defeat.

The Indomitable Spirit

Even in his absence from this year’s Worlds, BeryL casts a long shadow. The very fact that Korean teams feel a heightened sense of pressure is testimony to the void left by him. In previous years, they had the luxury of having this giant killer in their corner. This year, they’re on their own – a challenge akin to Don Quixote’s endeavors minus the unwavering support of Sancho Panza.

BeryL: The Legend

BeryL’s journey is more than just that of an esports player; it’s a tale of unsung heroism, of relentless spirit, and of the undying passion for the game. While the lights of the stage might not always shine the brightest on him, in the hearts of those who understand the essence of League of Legends esports, BeryL will always be a beacon of inspiration.