Unrecord, a very realistic-looking video game

Unrecord, a very realistic-looking video game

21. April 2023 by miranda angeles

Recently it has become very viral, a video showing a video game with an extremely realistic look. We are talking about Unrecord, a game made with Unreal Engine 5, a tactical shooter played in first person with almost photorealistic graphics. 

The graphic finish of the video game is of such high quality that some people claim that it is footage captured with a camera instead of a video game. However, at the moment, the game already has a Steam tab, so many people think it is legitimate.

Unreal Engine 5

It has been suggested that Unreal Engine 5 will be a generational leap in the visual quality of video games. But, of course, everyone was blown away by the Matrix demo then; this new video game, “Unrecord,” created by DRAMA, attempts to demonstrate the engine’s capabilities in a realistic environment.

Now the question is whether Unrecord will look like this when it is released, even if it requires the most powerful computer on the market since there are demos of Unreal Engine 5 and other powerful engines with graphics close to photorealism.

However, at the moment, the minimum system requirements are not known, so it is crucial to act with caution in case there is a reduction in the image quality, and it does not meet the expectations of the players.

Unrecord a narrative and immersive experience

The developer behind Unrecord is DRAMA, who is trying to make this new video game feel like an immersive narrative experience. DRAMA has implemented Unreal Engine 5 technology to achieve this goal to give that realistic finish.

The developer’s clear objective is that the player will encounter intricate conversations, cutting-edge gameplay mechanics, morally challenging situations, and an original shooting system.

In Unrecord, players must conduct various investigations into criminal cases and deal with a huge cast of characters. That said, it can be foreseen that the initial presentation and the plot will be crucial factors in the game. On the other hand, users can also anticipate several plot surprises and various gameplay sequences.

The perspective, which will be that of a body camera, is an odd feature that may be why some people have questioned the validity of Unrecord. The player’s movement in the trailer appears erratic as if it is being captured by a camera hidden inside the player’s suit or other clothing. The creators also plan to include authentic ADS (aim-down sights), aiming technology, and unconstrained hand movements.

At the moment, Unrecord is in the early stages of development and has no release date yet. However, there is no denying the game’s graphical quality, at least according to the initial teaser, which worries many people if it can be maintained for the launch of the title and what kind of hardware will be needed to play it.