Unlock Camouflage in Modern Warfare III and Warzone with New Gift Packs

Unlock Camouflage in Modern Warfare III and Warzone with New Gift Packs

24. January 2024 by Never

Players of CoD: Modern Warfare III and Warzone have a unique opportunity to enhance their weapon’s appearance by accessing the in-game store and grabbing one of the free cosmetic bundles. These bundles, part of a recent initiative to re-establish gift packs in these popular FPS games, offer players a chance to diversify their inventory without the rigorous grind associated with completist items.

What’s New in the Store?

The store updates include two distinct free cosmetic bundles. The first bundle features the “Highlight of the Battle” calling card. The second bundle is more comprehensive, offering additional elements and the The Hundreds universal camouflage. This classic military pattern, once unlocked, joins the special category in your arsenal.

Contents of the Modern Warfare III and Warzone Bundle

This new bundle, a collaboration with the clothing brand The Hundreds and their iconic cartoon, Adam Bomb, includes:

  • Ghost Bomb Weapon Charm
  • Adam Bomb Weapon Sticker
  • The Hundreds Weapon Camouflage
  • Adam Bomb Calling Card

Remember, this isn’t the first time free gift packs have been released in the CoD store. This practice dates back to 2019’s Modern Warfare and its integration with Warzone. Earlier, players received more skins during Black Ops Cold War periods and unexpected gifts like the Forbidden Sacrifice bundle during the Vanguard era.

The Store’s Expanding Universe

The store’s inventory isn’t limited to these free items. It’s also capitalizing on the second collaboration with The Boys. Homelander and Starlight have returned with their unique cosmetics, and following the reintroduction of Black Noir, the debuts of A-Train and Firecracker as new operators are highly anticipated.

Elevate Your Arsenal with Free Packs in Top FPS Games

For both new and seasoned players of Modern Warfare III and Warzone, these free cosmetic bundles offer an exciting way to customize your gameplay experience. It’s a great opportunity to expand your collection and add a unique flair to your weapons.