Jinx’s Uncontrollable Rise in Patch 13.20

Jinx’s Uncontrollable Rise in Patch 13.20

16. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Following the latest 13.20 patch of League of Legends, Jinx has skyrocketed in power, standing out as one of the most dominant shooters in the game. This situation has sparked concerns within the community, prompting an immediate intervention request from Riot Games.

Why is Jinx So Strong Now?

Jinx has always been a popular pick among players. But in the recent patch, a specific enhancement in her passive ability catapulted her to a power level that has left the community in awe. The key change was made to her passive “Get Excited!”, which now adds an additional 25% attack speed after scoring takedowns.

This potential is amplified even further when players incorporate the Lethal Tempo rune, turning Jinx into a shooting machine with rates of up to 30 attacks per second. This way, she has earned the title of one of the most influential ADCs of the moment.

Post-Patch Statistical Impact

Jinx 40

After the update, the numbers don’t lie. Jinx has seen a 20% increase in her pick rate, and her win rate has jumped from 48.28% to 51.2%. These figures are a clear manifestation of her renewed strength in the game.

Community Outcry

Jinx’s massive power surge has stirred the community. Players demand that Riot Games take action and apply an emergency adjustment (hotfix) to rebalance the situation. There’s a general outcry that this shooter has disrupted the game’s balance, and they anticipate a swift response.

Other Champions on the Radar

While Jinx is the current focus, she’s not the only champion in the spotlight. Rumors suggest Riot is also considering adjustments to Viktor and Jayce, two mid-laners who have consistently held a strong presence in the game’s meta.

Final Recommendations

It’s vital for the game’s health that Riot Games consistently monitors the shifts each patch brings. While it’s natural for some champions to gain prominence with updates, maintaining balance is crucial. Jinx’s current situation is a clear sign that adjustments are required. The community eagerly awaits a solution, and the ball is now in Riot’s court.