The Legendary Shadowbeak of Palworld: A Comprehensive Guide

The Legendary Shadowbeak of Palworld: A Comprehensive Guide

4. February 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In the diverse world of Palworld, the Paplagos Islands are home to a variety of creatures, known as Pals. Among these, the Legendary Shadowbeak stands out for its unique abilities and rarity. Let’s delve into the details of finding, breeding, and utilizing this Dark elemental Pal.

Locating Shadowbeak: Habitat

  • Location: No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary, northernmost map tip.
  • Environment: Endgame area with high-level Pals and PIDF soldiers.
  • Access: Use basic flying mounts like Nitewing or swimming Pals such as Surfent.

Battle Challenge

  • Final Boss Location: Tower of the PAL Genetic Research Unit, northern snow mountains.
  • Opponent: Tower Boss Victor and his Alpha Pal Shadowbeak.
  • Strategy: Prepare with top-tier equipment and strategic planning.
  • Boss Health: 200,750 HP.

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Capturing and Utilizing Shadowbeak

  • Modified DNA Partner Skill: Enhances Dark attacks while riding.
  • Saddle Requirements: Level 47, x50 Leather, x25 Venom Gland, x45 Paldium Fragments, x40 Refined Ingots, and 4 Tech points.

Breeding Combinations: Legendary Breeding

  • Primary Combination: Astegon + Kitsun = Shadowbeak.
  • Shadowbeak Offspring: Breed opposite genders of Shadowbeak.
  • Alternative Combinations:
    • Nitewing + Shadowbeak = Beacon
    • Penking + Shadowbeak = Relaxaurus
    • Elizabee + Shadowbeak = Helzephyr
    • Mossanda + Shadowbeak = Menasting
    • Cryolinx + Shadowbeak = Cryolinx

Shadowbeak’s Base Stats (Paldeck No 107)

  • HP: 120
  • Defense: 140
  • Melee: 130
  • Attack: 120
  • Food: 8
  • Drops: Carbon Fiber, Pal Metal Ingot, Innovative Technical Manual

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Special Skills

  • Divine Disaster: Charges forward creating orbs of light and lasers.
  • Nightmare Ball and Spirit Flame: Dark skills.

Passive Skills

  • Swift: +30% movement speed.
  • Legend: +20% attack and defense, +15% movement speed.
  • Lord of the Underworld: +20% Dark attack damage.


Shadowbeak is a formidable addition to any Palworld player’s arsenal. With its remarkable abilities and potent skills, it’s a must-have for players seeking to enhance their experience in the game. Remember, breeding is key to acquiring this legendary Pal.