Ubisoft reveals R6 Siege Esports format change in 2023

Ubisoft reveals R6 Siege Esports format change in 2023

15. January 2023 by Andrew Williams

Rainbow Six Esport is already entering its eighth season and that means the format is going to change in 2023. This is not only about the regional competitions, but also the road to the Six Invitational.

The first news shared is that BLAST will be the sponsor of the Rainbow Six Siege esports circuit for the next few years. In addition, the circuit is going to consist of nine regions.

These include Europe, North America, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, Latin America, Asia, Oceania and MENA. The European, Japanese, Brazilian and North American leagues will consist of 10 teams. Latin America and South Korea have a total of eight teams. This is important for the rest of the year, as Stage 1 takes place from March to May, with a Six Major in May.

From June to August, there is an off-season with no matches. From September to November, Stage 2 starts and that ends with a Six Major in November. Then there is another off-season until February. This means teams have all the time they need to get ready for the most important tournament of the year. February is all about the Six Invitational.

A total of six Majors will take place, the format of which has changed. Instead of just a group stage and playoffs, there is now Phase 1. These are the regional qualifiers, the winners of which are added to the groupstage. The 20 teams that have accumulated the most points at both regional and international levels are invited to the Six Invitational.

The new season of Rainbow Six Esport will start in March, but first there is the Six Invitational in February.