Ubisoft reveals new XDefiant details

Ubisoft reveals new XDefiant details

13. June 2023 by miranda angeles

Ubisoft recently revealed new details about the upcoming XDefiant open beta that thousands could enjoy.

XDefiant Details

XDefiant has already had an initial beta; this phase has left a great impression on everyone who participated. It can be said that it was a very successful test; since players were able to explore each of the facets that the game has to offer. Now, the game developers have announced details of the game’s release and details about the upcoming XDefiant open beta.

During the Ubisoft Forward 2023 event, the developer announced when the game would arrive; however, it did not reveal a specific date. On the other hand, the developers did reveal the start date of the new open beta. It is expected that Ubisoft has improved its servers to provide much more optimized gameplay during the open beta. Read on to learn all the details about the XDefiant open beta.

XDefiant Open Beta Launching

Yesterday during Ubisoft Forward 2023, the developer revealed that XDefiant is launching by the end of summer. However, thousands of people can test the gameplay improvements a little earlier, thanks to the open beta that Ubisoft has announced.

It is important to note that the open beta will be accessible to all world regions; however, it will be a session that can be enjoyed for only three days. The platforms that will have access to the open beta are Xbox Series X/S, PC, and PlayStation 5.

The open beta is scheduled for Wednesday, June 21, at 7:00 pm CEST. However, the open beta ends on June 24 at 8:00 am CEST.

Many people may wonder how to participate in the XDefiant open beta; here is the answer.

How to participate in the XDefiant open beta?

All players who participated in the closed beta of XDefiant have the opportunity to participate again in the open beta; they have to log in. Best of all, everyone who participated in the closed beta will have early access to the open beta; this phase starts on June 20 for these people.

If you did not participate in the previous phase, you must register as a new player on the PlayXDefiant.com website. Once registered, you must select the type of platform you will be playing on (Xbox Series X/S, PC, and PlayStation 5). Then you must log in to your Ubisoft account and register if you do not have an account.

When you log in to your Ubisoft account, the website will ask you two questions that you must answer to finalize the registration.

XDefiant Roadmap

The developers of XDefiant, have also revealed the roadmap of the game for a whole year. The game will receive a new update every three months, including new maps, weapons, events, and factions.

Players will enjoy 12 maps, 12 weapons, and 4 factions during the first year.