Tyler1’s Remarkable Chess Journey: A Streamer’s Rise to the Top 0.5%

Tyler1’s Remarkable Chess Journey: A Streamer’s Rise to the Top 0.5%

12. May 2024 by Never

Tyler1, the renowned North American streamer primarily known for his League of Legends content, has achieved an impressive milestone by entering the top 0.5% of chess players in just 10 months. Despite his fame in the League of Legends community, Tyler1 has demonstrated remarkable versatility by excelling in the world of chess.

The Rapid Rise in Elo

Tyler1 has achieved a rapid chess Elo rating of 1900 points in less than a year since he began playing. Remarkably, he reached 1400 Elo points within three months, placing him above the majority of chess enthusiasts.

Levy ‘Gotham Chess’ Rozman, a chess master and commentator, described Tyler1’s achievement as “absolutely insane,” even questioning whether Tyler1 is human due to the speed of his progress.

Chess Expertise and Recognition

According to chess.com’s Elo rating system, players are considered Experts or National Master Candidates when they surpass 2000 Elo points. Tyler1 reached 1900 Elo points in rapid chess after playing a total of 5956 games.

Unyielding Dedication to Improvement

Tyler1 has maintained an unwavering streaming routine, playing an average of 20 games daily since creating his account in July 2023. His interest in chess sparked after participating in the Pogchamp 5 invitation chess tournament in August 2023, where he reached the quarterfinals.

Setting Records Across Different Arenas

Tyler1 has repeatedly demonstrated a knack for breaking records. As early as 2018, he attracted 385,000 simultaneous viewers, showcasing that a single individual playing League of Legends can generate more excitement than the competition itself.