Twitch Revamps Revenue and Partner Plus Terms: What Streamers Need to Know

Twitch Revamps Revenue and Partner Plus Terms: What Streamers Need to Know

25. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In a significant update, Twitch has announced changes that will reshape how streamers monetize on the platform. These modifications include the expansion of the Partner Plus program and adjustments to payment conditions.

Introducing New Levels in Partner Plus

  • Partner Plus Expansion: Twitch is extending its Partner Plus program to include affiliates, allowing more creators to benefit.
  • New Commission Level: Streamers maintaining 100 Plus Points for three consecutive months will now enjoy a 60/40 commission split on paid and gifted subscriptions.

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Adjusted Plus Point Threshold for Higher Commissions

  • Twitch has lowered the Plus Points threshold for a 70/30 commission split from 350 to 300 points.
  • This change, effective May 1, enables affiliates to qualify for higher commissions, potentially tripling the number of streamers eligible for this rate.

Removing the $100,000 Net Earnings Cap

  • Previously, a 50% commission rate applied after streamers earned $100,000 annually in the Partner Plus program. Twitch has now removed this cap, effective immediately.

Prime Gaming Subscription Changes: Country-Specific Rates

  • Country-Specific Rates: Starting June 3, Prime Gaming subscription rates will vary by country. For example, Spanish streamers will receive $1.55 per Prime subscription.
  • Twitch has released a detailed rate table for each country, reflecting these changes.

Sample Rates by Country

  • Spain: $1.55
  • Argentina: $0.95
  • Chile: $0.95
  • Colombia: $0.75
  • Mexico: $0.95
  • Uruguay: $1.10
  • Venezuela: $1.10
  • United States: $2.25

Twitch’s New Measures: A Game-Changer for Streamers

Twitch’s recent updates mark a significant shift in the streaming landscape. These changes, particularly the expansion of the Partner Plus program and the adjustment of Prime Gaming subscription rates, are set to impact streamers worldwide. As Twitch adapts to the evolving digital entertainment market, streamers must stay informed and adjust their strategies to maximize their earnings and audience engagement.