Twitch update reveals CS2 release clues

Twitch update reveals CS2 release clues

26. September 2023 by miranda angeles

An update was recently made on Twitch that reveals clues about CS2’s release date. So far, this is the strongest hint about the game’s release date.

Twitch update

Curious and observant fans have noticed Twitch made a small update related to CS2 this week. The streaming platform changed the name to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This change has generated strong excitement among fans eagerly awaiting the arrival of CS2.

On Twitch, the veteran first-person shooter has been renamed from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to Counter-Strike. This name change makes us think that CS:GO is coming to the end of an era. On the other hand, it is important to note that the image of a TC standing in front of a yellow and blue background next to the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive label remains the same. However, the name has been shortened.

Twitch knows something we don’t, they changed the names of the categories already
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Clues to CS2 release date

The name change of the popular game to Counter-Strike may be the first indication that the update to Source 2 is about to take over. Also, let’s remember that Valve apparently hinted at the imminent release of CS2 on Twitter a couple of days ago.

The Twitch update has undoubtedly excited gamers deeply, as many think that this streaming platform would be one of the first to learn of CS2’s arrival. Let’s remember that Twitch rewards its viewers with different drops and rewards, which may happen at the launch of CS2.

Now, those aren’t the only clues that game fans have noticed. On the other hand, observant players have noticed that Source 2 previously used the name Counter-Strike 2, but now Twitch has acknowledged that this is a beta test. As of now, Counter-Strike 2 is known as Counter-Strike 2: Limited Test.

This change has only further stoked the fires of the game’s fans. This week, we have been surrounded by rumors and hints about the release of CS2, and the developers have only fueled every speculation.

CS2 fan doubts

Right now, CS2 fans have a lot of doubts about the game. Some fans wonder whether there will be a relay in the competitive scene in Counter-Strike. Recall that many professional CS:GO players have commented that the new game is not completely ready, indicating a long way to go before CS2 can be played in different tournaments.

At the moment, it is unknown if cS2 will replace CS:GO immediately in esports, but it seems that not all professional players are excited about the takeover. Once the release of CS2 is made, the community will have to wait for an official announcement from Valve, where any details related to the competitive scene will be revealed.