Twitch Turbo price increase

Twitch Turbo price increase

26. May 2023 by miranda angeles

It has been announced that the price of Twitch Turbo will suffer a price increase in all regions of the world. Many Twitch users are upset about the 30% increase in the monthly subscription cost.

About Twitch Turbo

The company developed Twitch Turbo as a subscription service where all users were offered an ad-free viewing experience across the site. This was before Amazon’s arrival on Twitch.

However, to the dismay of streamers worldwide, the platform has started pressuring streamers to air more ads in their streams.

Twitch Turbo price increase

Yesterday, May 25, the Twitch Turbo price increase announcement was made. The platform informed all users that prices had a 30% increase. Many Twitch Turbo users are outraged by this increase as Twitch Turbo does not add new features or benefits.

To announce to all users worldwide, Twitch has sent out an email informing the changes to their monthly subscription fees.

In the case of the United States, users will go from paying $8.99 to $11.99 per month.

Twitch Turbo users complain about the price increase

Twitch Turbo users are really upset with the monthly subscription increase; they have let it be known on social networks.

Yesterday a user posted an image showing the email he received notifying him of the monthly subscription fee update. Other users quickly responded, expressing their opinions.

Twitch Turbo price changed from $8.99 to $11.99
by u/Dini7S in Twitch

One user commented that people in Europe suffer a higher monthly price increase. This user explains that he had previously paid the equivalent of $8.99 in euros, approximately €8.29; now, users have to pay €11.99, arguing that it is more than 30%.

by u/fntd from discussion Twitch Turbo price changed from $8.99 to $11.99
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Another user also comments that the price increase in the UK is much more than in the US. For example, users in that country now have to pay £11.99, equivalent to $14.78.

by u/mr-dogshit from discussion Twitch Turbo price changed from $8.99 to $11.99
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Various price increases for Twitch Turbo

The 30% increase for Twitch Turbo is for the United States. However, the increase is much more than 30% in other parts of the world.

As some users on Reddit expressed, the increase in some regions exceeds 30%. Recall that previously the Twitch Turbo fee was $8.99 worldwide, so each user paid the equivalent in their local currency.

However, with the monthly price increase, Twitch Turbo has a fixed rate in each nation. So in the UK, the increase is almost 50% of the price.

With Twitch Turbo’s fixed pricing worldwide, the subscription is equal to that of platforms like Disney+ in some regions. For now, we must wait and see if users continue paying the subscription or migrate to another platform.