Twitch introduces new banning system

Twitch introduces new banning system

17. September 2023 by miranda angeles

Twitch recently launched a new platform update, including a new banning system. This new banning system aims to provide greater security to all application users.

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest problems of all social networks, including Twitch, is the harassment and hostility directed towards content creators and their communities. Twitch streamers usually resort to powerful moderation tools in their live chats to maintain a positive environment on their channels while broadcasting live.

This problem in content creators’ chats has become annoying over time. That’s why Twitch engineers have developed a new banning system to help content creators.

New Twitch banning system

On September 14, Twitch engineers released a new update, which included this new banning system. The new system’s goal is to help keep viewers who only want to broadcast hate in streaming at bay.

After some input from the community, Twitch will allow content creators to reveal moderator comments. This way, they can explain the reason for banning a user. Undoubtedly, this new banning system is a great tool for all content creators. If a toxic viewer jumps from one channel to another in the same circles, the others will be aware of it after a channel bans him/her.

Other new features of the new Twitch update

On the other hand, Twitch engineers have included other tools in their latest update. One of them is the integration of Shield Mode in Mod View. This tool will be available to content creators so that they and their moderators have a quick solution when they cannot control harassment in their live chats.

This shield mode is designed to provide a wide range of options that can be activated quickly. Among the options, content creators can activate the chat for followers only, the authentication required to participate in the chat, among others. So, the shield mode will be an easy tool to use in moments of chaos when many people want to disturb in live chats. Now, after deactivating shield mode, all chat settings return to normal.

With this new update, Twitch shows us its commitment to creating safe environments on its platform. Content creators and their community can enjoy broadcasts each time without being disturbed by toxic people. Currently, content creators have more tools to deal with all those viewers who only go to live chats to broadcast hate.