Twitch: Ibai has broken his audience record on the platform

Twitch: Ibai has broken his audience record on the platform

9. July 2023 by miranda angeles

The streamer of Spanish origin, Ibai Llanos, has broken his audience record on the Twitch platform. The Spaniard has managed to get 3.44 million people to simultaneously watch his broadcast of the “La velada del año 3” event.

Ibai breaks personal audience record on Twitch

Ibai Llanos, a Twitch celebrity and one of the biggest Spanish-speaking streamers, has managed to break his personal viewership record. The new audience record, Ibai achieved it on July 1 in his event ” La velada del año 3.”

This event was a live broadcast of a boxing match. Now, according to Streams Charts data, Ibai managed to attract the attention of an impressive 3.44 million simultaneous viewers on his channel.

The first fight of the event was between Abraham Mateo and Ampeter Lopez. This fight was the one that managed to pulverize the previous record. Specifically, 3.41 million people were simultaneously watching the first fight of the Evening. However, people kept joining the Evening, and the fight between Germán Garmendia and Coscu set the best audience record.

Undoubtedly, the Spanish streamer has the support of a large fan base. In addition, it is important to note that Ibai has broken the own record he had set. During La Velada del Año 2, Ibai managed to get 3.35 million people to watch his event simultaneously.

With this important record achieved by Ibai Llanos, the Spanish streamer is officially the biggest in the world. According to Stream Charts statistics, Ibai is the Spanish-speaking content creator with the most viewers during the first quarter of 2023.

La velada del año

People who don’t know the Spanish streamer may wonder what Ibai Llanos’ “Soiree of the Year” is. La velada del Año is an event created in 2021 by Ibai. In La velada del año, Spanish-speaking content creators star in boxing matches.

On the other hand, the Spanish streamer broadcasts his LoL and Rust sessions and produces events. However, Ibai’s main Twitch categories are special events or talks on the platform.

Twitch’s most-watched streamers simultaneously

With Ibai’s new record, the content creator positions himself as the streamer with the most viewers in the world. Ibai’s new stats mean he surpasses the next on the list by almost a million viewers. Curiously, the second position in this list is occupied by another Spaniard.

  • Ibai: 3,442,725 for the July 1, 2023 broadcast.
  • TheGrefg: 2,470,347 in the rebroadcast of January 11, 2021
  • Elxokas: 1,208,144 in the rebroadcast of January 24, 2022
  • aminematue: 1,155,060 for the telecast of November 19, 2022
  • ELEAGUE TV: 1,130,760 for the January 28, 2018 broadcast.