Twisted Fate: Facing the Nerf Hammer for a Simple Reason

Twisted Fate: Facing the Nerf Hammer for a Simple Reason

17. February 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

League of Legends players brace themselves as Twisted Fate, the card-wielding champion, is slated to undergo major nerfs in the upcoming versions of the game, possibly in patch 14.5. The rationale behind these adjustments is straightforward, prompting Riot Games to take swift action.

Twisted Fate’s Resurgence

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After languishing in obscurity for many years, Twisted Fate, one of the game’s original champions introduced in 2009, is finally enjoying a resurgence. This 2024 season has seen the versatile champion shine across three different roles: top lane, mid lane, and bot lane, excelling as a rotational pick.

According to U.GG, Twisted Fate boasts a Tier S status across all three roles, with win rates surpassing 51% in each role. Surprisingly, his best performance currently lies in the ADC position, boasting an impressive 52.86% win rate, thanks to a seemingly overpowered build.

Anticipated Nerfs

When a League of Legends champion achieves such remarkable win rates across multiple roles, it inevitably draws the attention of Riot Games, prompting potential nerfs to curb their dominance. Twisted Fate’s success in three distinct roles signals an impending correction from the developers.

However, the challenge lies in Twisted Fate’s versatile skill set: excelling in mid lane with his ultimate and wave-clearing abilities, dominating top lane against melee opponents unable to match his range, and serving as a potent ADC with stuns, damage, and the ability to return to lane and maneuver freely.

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This scenario mirrors the rise of Graves in season 6, where his overwhelming success and win rate prompted rapid nerfs from Riot Games, a pattern repeated in season 11.

Therefore, players anticipate Twisted Fate to face severe nerfs in patch 14.5, as patch 14.4 does not include any balancing adjustments for TF. However, there is a possibility of a 14.4b patch introducing nerfs if his dominance goes unchecked.

Twisted Fate AD: Making a Comeback in Competitive Play

Overwhelming Winrates Across Multiple Roles

As Twisted Fate continues to dominate the League of Legends meta across multiple roles, players await Riot Games’ response to address his overwhelming presence in the competitive landscape. Stay tuned for updates on the impending nerfs and their impact on the game’s dynamic gameplay.

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