Turkey Bans Twitch and Kick for Their Gambling-Related Content

Turkey Bans Twitch and Kick for Their Gambling-Related Content

26. February 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In a recent move, Turkey has banned both Twitch and Kick due to concerns over their content’s potential harm to citizens.

Twitch and Kick under Fire

For some time now, both Twitch and Kick have faced criticism for allowing gambling-related content on their platforms. Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed several controversies, with one of the most notable being xQc’s incident on Twitch.

Complexity Surrounding Kick

The situation with Kick is even more intricate. The platform is backed by the co-founders of Stake.com, one of the largest online casinos globally.

Ban in Turkey

Now, both platforms have been banned in Turkey. Turkish journalist Ibrahim Haskolo─člu reported that Kick was the first to be banned, as Turkish authorities believed the platform aimed to lure young Turks into roulette.

Just days later, Turkey also decided to ban Twitch. According to Haskolo─člu, the National Lottery Association made this decision due to Twitch’s public streaming of gambling activities.

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Global Crackdown on Gambling Content

The crackdown on gambling content is escalating, and Turkey’s decision is not surprising. Indeed, we shouldn’t rule out other countries taking similar actions in the future.

Future Prospects for Twitch and Kick

Given this landscape, it appears that both Twitch and Kick will need to implement serious measures regarding their gambling policies. The coming months will reveal how they navigate this challenge.

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