Tundra Esports vs. Team Secret: The Showdown at DreamLeague Season 22 Closed Qualifiers

Tundra Esports vs. Team Secret: The Showdown at DreamLeague Season 22 Closed Qualifiers

15. January 2024 by Never

A Battle for Supremacy: The DreamLeague Season 22 closed qualifiers, starting January 15th, promise an electrifying face-off between Tundra Esports and Team Secret. These Western European (WEU) giants will clash for more than just glory, as ESL Pro Tour (EPT) points add a new layer to the competition.

The Stage is Set

WEU Region Heats Up: The Eastern European (EEU) and Chinese (CN) qualifiers have set the tone, beginning on January 13th. But all eyes are on the WEU region, where Tundra Esports, fresh from their triumph at The International (TI), is pitted against the seasoned Team Secret in the first round.

tundra vs secret

Tundra Esports: The Rising Champions

Dominating the Open Qualifiers: Tundra Esports, with their revamped lineup, has shown formidable strength, sweeping through the open qualifiers. Their aggressive playstyle and strategic acumen make them formidable contenders.

Team Secret: The Enduring Contenders

A Legacy of Excellence: Team Secret, known for their resilience and tactical prowess, has seen several roster changes. Their direct invitation to the closed qualifiers speaks volumes of their esteemed status in the Dota 2 community.

The EPT Points Game

More Than Prize Money: The introduction of the EPT points system adds a significant strategic element. Teams now battle not only for prize money but also for a chance to participate in coveted ESL tournaments.

Xtreme Gaming: A Strategic Shuffle

Inheriting Success: Xtreme Gaming’s leap in the leaderboards is notable, owing to the acquisition of three players from Azure Ray. This transfer brought them a substantial 3360 EPT points, after a 30% deduction from Azure Ray’s original 4000 points.

Epic Rivalry in Dota 2: Tundra vs. Team Secret Battle for Dominance in DreamLeague Season 22

As DreamLeague Season 22 commences, the clash between Tundra Esports and Team Secret is more than just a game; it’s a struggle for regional dominance and EPT points. This tournament is a testament to Dota 2’s evolving competitive landscape, where strategy, skill, and smart transfers determine the victors.