Tundra Esports Takes Down OG With Ease to Qualify for DreamLeague Season 23

Tundra Esports Takes Down OG With Ease to Qualify for DreamLeague Season 23

25. March 2024 by Never

Tundra Esports demonstrated sheer dominance as they clashed with OG in the lower bracket final of DreamLeague Season 23: Western Europe Closed Qualifier. In a display of tactical prowess and flawless execution,

Tundra emerged victorious, securing their berth in the upcoming main tournament. The battle against OG, a familiar adversary, unfolded with Tundra delivering a masterclass performance, clinching a decisive 2-0 series triumph.

Match Recap

Game 1: Tactical Brilliance of Tundra

OG’s Tri-Core Melee Lineup: OG opted for a formidable tri-core melee lineup featuring carry Sven, mid Pangolier, and offlane Kunkka. However, Tundra’s lineup proved strategically superior, with Pure commanding the safelane as Morphling, Topson dominating the midlane on Sniper, and Tobi providing crucial tankiness on Centaur Warrunner.

Pure’s early control of the safelane set the tone for Tundra’s dominance, resulting in a commanding victory for the team.

Game 2: Stellar Performances Seal the Deal

Midlane Showdown: Topson showcased his prowess in the midlane, outmaneuvering bzm on Razor. Meanwhile, Pure and Whitemon orchestrated a relentless assault in the safelane, securing kills and amassing a significant lead for Tundra. With Pure’s Luna leading the charge, Tundra’s cores surged ahead in net worth, ultimately culminating in a swift victory for the team.


Intense Competition in the Qualifier Circuit

  • Competitive Landscape: The 2024 competitive season introduces a rigorous qualifier system, with Gaimin Gladiators receiving direct invites consistently. Team Liquid has navigated the qualifiers effortlessly, securing their spot whenever necessary. Meanwhile, OG and Tundra Esports have emerged as formidable contenders, vying for the remaining slots in the tournaments.

Patch Advantage for Tundra

  • Strategic Adaptation: Tundra’s remarkable success in the lower bracket can be attributed, in part, to their adeptness at leveraging the recent 7.35d patch. The team’s decisive 2-0 victories against formidable opponents like Team Secret, Entity, and OG underscore their adaptability and tactical prowess.

Tundra Esports and OG Secure Spots in PGL Wallachia Season 1

In light of their impressive performance, Tundra Esports and OG will advance to the PGL Wallachia Season 1: Western Europe Closed Qualifier, commencing on March 25th. With only one slot available for qualification, the competition promises to be fierce, with each team vying for a chance to secure their spot in the main event.