TTK Games, the new veteran studio of the Battlefield Saga

TTK Games, the new veteran studio of the Battlefield Saga

24. May 2023 by miranda angeles

The new studio TTK Games is created by Lars Gustavsson, who surrounds himself with several creators of the Battlefield franchise. This new studio, formed by veterans, plans to develop a new next-generation online shooter.

Lars Gustavsson founds TTK Games

Last March, Time To Kill Games or TTK Games was presented, the new studio founded by Lars Gustavsson, the well-known former creative director of the Battlefield franchise.

Joining Lars Gustavsson will be other veterans on the Battlefield development team. Specifically, four other members of the Electronic Arts team were part of the new studio, which is based in Stockholm.

The veteran shooter developers are currently working on a new title, which they hope will be part of the next generation of games.

Gustavsson has worked at DICE for 22 years and received the title of “Mr. Battlefield” for his contribution to the franchise. Although Gustavsson was instrumental in the development of Battlefield, he was hit by a wave of layoffs last year.

After he departed from DICE, Gustavsson began founding his own studio, seeking excellent partners to begin this adventure. One of the veterans who will join Gustavsson at TTK Games is design director Daniel Berlin. Daniel Berlin worked as a designer on Ubisoft’s Far Cry 3 and spent ten years at DICE working on several Battlefield games.

While at DICE, Berlin held the positions of chief world designer and design director.

On the other hand, we have Vidar Nygren, another of the new members of TTK Games. Nygren was chief technology officer and technical director, has been with DICE for 25 years, and is one of the key figures in the development of the Frostbite engine. Frostbite technology is not only used by DICE but also by other teams at Electronic Arts.

Last, we have Peter Hoyles, an art director who spent 12 years at DICE and worked on numerous Battlefield games.

TTK’s philosophy

According to Gustavsson, “time to kill” refers to how fast a shooter is played and how it looks to the player. So the studio’s founders have taken the phrase as a nickname and an integral component of the studio’s culture.

TTK explores how humans have spent time with games for many years and try to achieve a game’s superior speed or immediacy.

On the other hand, Gustavsson says that he has created games that encourage cooperation throughout his career. Similarly, the games seek friendly competition and the use of brains or reflexes to achieve a goal and outperform the competition. According to Gustavsson, there is no better way to spend time than with video games.