TSM’s League of Legends Team got robbed!

TSM’s League of Legends Team got robbed!

20. February 2023 by Andrew Williams

TSM’s League of Legends team has been robbed. The team car was broken into and several valuables were taken. They begged the thieves via social media to give them some things back and actually succeeded. Nevertheless, some things have not been recovered, including video footage of the last few days.

After TSM’s matches on Friday, February 17, their player Colin “Solo” Earnest announced that the team car was allegedly broken into and several valuables were stolen. It does not appear that the car itself was stolen. Solo, in desperation, turned to social media and publicly asked the robbers to return some of his items because many of them were irreplaceable. His post elicited many sarcastic comments on Twitter, with people telling him that it was in the nature of criminals not to return things. But in a fortunate twist of fate, the call did come up with something.

Luck of the draw

Jonathan “Chime” Pomponio did the same to his colleague and made a similar appeal to offenders via social media. Even though noone had hope for them Solo was absolutely flabbergasted as a person named “Mustafa” got in touch with them and told them the backpacks were found! The backpacks were apparently in a parking lot very close to where the robbery happened.

Many things had been stolen, but some of their belongings were still in the bags, which gave the players some relief. What exactly the players got back however, is not entirely clear.

Footage of Superweek lost

Unfortunately, Kyler Dunn, the team’s video director, told fans in the TSM subreddit that the camera he used to film from LCS Spring Split 2023 during Superweek was also stolen. He still has footage from the games against FlyQuest and Golden Guardians, but there will be no videos from the win against Team Dignitas at TSM Legends. The only clips he still has are of the team eating, but no footage from the Lunar New Year celebrations will be available for the vlog.

Unfortunately, it is becoming more common for cars to be broken into, especially if they look expensive. From there it is advisable to always take your valuables with you. Still, this could have happened to anyone, but TSM was still lucky and at least got a little something back. Hopefully the team can recover from the scare and return with their old power next week when the LCS continues. Last July, TSM acquired a huge sponsorship with a daughter company of General Motors, non other than GMC (comes from Gun Motor Carriage). They now manufacture luxury-style pickup trucks and SUVs, among other products.