TSM’s COO Walter Wang announces resignation

TSM’s COO Walter Wang announces resignation

18. March 2023 by Andrew Williams

Walter Wang has announced on Twitter that he is going to quit his job as COO at TSM after six years with the organization. Wang explained in a Twitter post that he decided a few weeks ago to leave Team Solo Mid and look for new adventures. Yesterday, March 17, he announced his resignation. Wang, who graduated from Stanford, was formerly head of Esports at HTC, a developer of mobile devices such as virtual reality headsets.

As you can read on LinkedIn, Wang first joined the organization seven years ago as a consultant, but was able to work his way up to finally become the COO of TSM in the following years until 2021. In the announcement of his resignation, Wang thanked everyone, including fans of TSM and his co-workers. He had this to say about his time with the organization, “My time at TSM has been a roller coaster ride with ups and downs, but it has taught me invaluable lessons about resilience, perseverance and teamwork.

I’m incredibly grateful for our team’s unwavering commitment to overcoming whatever challenges we faced.” TSM suffered another staffing loss this month. Dominic Kallas, the now Ex-Vice President of Esports Operations also retired from his position. Kallas resigned in early March after he was working one year with TSM.

Wang’s Time with TSM

During Wang’s time at TSM, the Esports organization became more and more popular and even entered a new title, VALORANT. During his time at TSM, Wang was also working with asian markets regarding TSM. Wang was working at TSM when the company’s CEO, Andy “Reginald” Dinh, was under investigation by Riot Games for his actions. Dinh was accused by several people of mistreating and publicly harassing the company’s players and employees. After an investigation by Riot, Dinh was ordered to serve a suspension and placed on probation. Through all the drama the Apex Legends Team is performing very well, in addition to the recent addition of Mande to their content lineups TSM dominates the Apex legends community.

FTX Drama

TSM also had to pay a hefty fine of $75,000. During Wang’s time with the company, TSM was also involved in another controversy. TSM had sold its naming rights to the now notorious FTX, a crypto exchange. However, nothing good came out of the deal. FTX has since gone bankrupt and its CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried, is facing charges of money laundering, fraud and other offenses. TSM has tried to cut all ties to the exchange and distance itself from it as best it can since FTX’s collapse.

Team Solo Mid certainly need some guidance in this time but at least their teams are performing well enough for the moment!