TSM says goodbye to their VALORANT team

TSM says goodbye to their VALORANT team

9. July 2023 by miranda angeles

News recently broke that TSM is saying goodbye to their VALORANT team. All VALORANT team members bid farewell to the organization due to poor performance during the first half of 2023.

TSM says farewell to their VALORANT team

A month ago, the esports organization TSM’s managers started to make changes in their VALORANT team. The first decision was to fire the team’s coach Andrey “Engh” Sholokhov. A month after the coach’s dismissal, TSM management dismissed all players from their VALORANT squad.

The squad consisted of the following players:

  • Anthony “gMd” Guimond
  • Corey “Corey” Nigra
  • Nicholas “NaturE” Garrison
  • Eric “Kanpeki” Xu
  • Johann “Seven” Hernandez

TSM’s Reasons for Saying Goodbye to its VALORANT Team

TSM’s management has made the tough decision to say goodbye to its entire team after the team’s underperformance. The team’s performance at the VCT Challengers Americas has not been as expected by the organization. The players lost to Moist Moguls and FaZe Clan and, as a consequence, were eliminated early from the tournament. But that is not the only consequence. This team failed to secure their place in next year’s Challengers. In addition, they also lost the chance to compete in the VCT Challengers Ascension.

The esports organization is not saying goodbye to VALORANT esports forever. With the decision to say goodbye to its staff, TSM is taking an enforced break for the rest of the season due to its defeat. However, the organization’s management assures that they will return to the VALORANT competitive scene for the following season.

Changes in VALORANT tier two

For the VALORANT community, it has become a controversial topic that TSM has said goodbye to its entire VALORANT team, as the community would like to see significant improvements in the organizational structure of tier two.

Many people believe that the VALORANT teams’ path to professional esports is not stable and long-lasting enough, especially when you consider the incentives for teams to release their players if they fail to achieve the goal of joining Ascension.

This is because teams that fail to achieve this important goal are practically frozen, as they must go almost six months without being able to compete in any major tournament. The time between one season and another is so long that it poses a serious problem for VALORANT’s tier two.

A clear example of this is TSM, the organization that has released its players to achieve the goal of joining Ascension. But it is not the only team that has done so. On the other hand, G2 Esports has also restructured its squad, releasing almost all members after a terrible end of the season.