TSM’s Troubling Times: Layoffs and Shrinking Workforce Raise Concerns

TSM’s Troubling Times: Layoffs and Shrinking Workforce Raise Concerns

30. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

TSM, a once-celebrated name in esports, faces a wave of concern and criticism following the unexpected layoff of its long-serving social media manager, Duncan “DUNC” Cox. Cox’s announcement about his departure and the current state of TSM has sent shockwaves through the esports community.

A Drastic Reduction in Workforce

According to Cox, the situation within TSM has drastically changed, with the organization now reportedly operating with only nine employees. This revelation came after his role was expanded due to previous team cuts, burdening him with additional responsibilities.

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The Community’s Reaction

The esports world, including TSM fans and industry professionals, reacted with dismay to the news of Cox’s sudden exit and the alleged lack of severance after his five-year tenure. His journey with TSM, starting in February 2019 with the TSM-owned app Blitz and culminating as the head of socials, was a testament to his dedication to the brand.

TSM’s Waning Influence in Esports

TSM’s influence and public image have seen a decline over the past year. Once a powerhouse in North American League of Legends (LoL) and the LCS, the organization’s recent decisions have not resonated well with its fanbase.


Departures from Major Esports Titles

  • League of Legends (LoL): TSM’s exit from the LCS and the subsequent sale of its slot were particularly jarring for long-time supporters.
  • R6 Siege and Dota 2: TSM’s withdrawal from these scenes, especially after winning the R6 Siege world championship at SI 2022, has raised eyebrows.
  • VALORANT: The disbandment of its VALORANT roster in July last year and the lack of updates on a return, despite plans to rejoin Challengers, add to the growing concerns about TSM’s direction.

Legends Unpaid?

The claim by legendary TSM top laner Dyrus about never receiving a paycheck from the organization adds another layer of controversy to TSM’s already troubled narrative.

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The Shocking Departure of Duncan “DUNC” Cox

TSM’s current trajectory, marked by layoffs, a shrinking workforce, and departures from major esports titles, poses serious questions about its future and reliability as a leading esports organization. The community’s response and the unfolding events will be critical in shaping TSM’s path forward.