TSM Addresses Controversies and Announces Plans to Return to LoL by Year’s End

TSM Addresses Controversies and Announces Plans to Return to LoL by Year’s End

31. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Team SoloMid (TSM), a name synonymous with the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS), recently found itself in the midst of controversy following revelations from a former employee.

The ex-social media manager’s claim that TSM now operates with less than ten employees has prompted the organization to clarify its future direction and commitment to esports.

TSM’s Commitment to Esports

In a statement released on Reddit, TSM addressed the recent dismissal of Duncan Cox and reiterated its dedication to the esports scene. The organization announced plans to compete again in three major esports titles: League of Legends, VALORANT, and Call of Duty.

This marks a return to familiar grounds, as TSM previously had divisions in these esports before financial challenges led to significant cutbacks.

TSM Esports Communications Update
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Aiming for a League of Legends Comeback

TSM is diligently working towards acquiring a League of Legends franchise in a top-tier region by the end of 2024. The club stated, “This process takes time and requires patience, as negotiations of this magnitude have many hurdles along the way.

“There’s no confirmation yet whether TSM’s return to Riot Games’ MOBA will be in the LCS, where it became one of North America’s most prestigious clubs, or in a different league.

The Departure from League of Legends

TSM’s exit from League of Legends in 2023 followed financial troubles, including a $210 million deal with FTX. Facing the situation of both the LCS and the club, TSM opted to sell its spot to Shopify Rebellion. The LCS currently features only eight teams, with no indication from Riot Games of expanding the league’s team quota.

TSM’s Aspirations in the VCT

TSM’s ambitions extend to VALORANT, aiming to be part of the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT). “We will continue to assess the feasibility of the VALORANT Challengers League once the open qualifiers are concluded,” the club stated. In the VCT Americas, Evil Geniuses faces financial difficulties and has also departed the LCS for similar reasons.

Return to Rocket League

TSM also highlighted its return to Rocket League at the beginning of 2024. However, the response from TSM fans to the club’s statement has been mixed, with some Reddit users describing the information as “incomplete.” Furthermore, TSM has not refuted Cox’s claim about currently operating with less than ten employees.

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Responding to Recent Allegations and Setting Future Goals

TSM’s recent communication sheds light on its ongoing commitment to esports and its plans to re-enter major competitive scenes. As the organization navigates through these challenging times, the esports community eagerly anticipates TSM’s potential resurgence in League of Legends and other key titles.