TOTW 7: Week 7 EA FC 24 Team Unveiled: Full Rosters and More

TOTW 7: Week 7 EA FC 24 Team Unveiled: Full Rosters and More

2. November 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

EA Sports has unveiled the seventh Team of the Week (TOTW) for EA FC 24, boasting an array of eye-catching cards to enhance your Ultimate Team’s starting eleven.

What Is Team of the Week?

As implied by its title, Team of the Week celebrates the outstanding football performances from the previous weekend by offering upgraded cards in Ultimate Team. Historically, these TOTW cards were overshadowed as other promotional cards presented superior enhancements.

In FIFA 23, this issue was addressed by introducing Featured Items which provided significant boosts to weak foot and skill moves. EA FC 24 takes this a step further by extending these upgrades to a player’s subsequent TOTW version.

TOTW 7 Headliners

The seventh batch of EA FC’s Team of the Week cards is spearheaded by forwards Erling Haaland of Manchester City and Harry Kane from Bayern Munich. Midfield maestro Wendie Renard of Lyon and Arsenal’s defender Katie McCabe also make their remarkable presence felt.

TOTW EA FC 24 Release Schedule

The Team of the Week is released every Wednesday at 19:00 (ESP) and 11:00 (MX). EA Sports makes its official announcement on their Twitter account.

Is Investing in TOTW 7 Cards Worth It?

Undoubtedly, both Haaland and Kane stand out as potentially game-changing acquisitions for Premier League and Bundesliga-themed teams respectively.

Recommendations for Final Players

For those aiming to bolster their front line, the combination of Haaland and Kane promises a lethal partnership. Their boosted stats in this TOTW, combined with their pre-existing skills, make them indispensable assets in any Ultimate Team.

On the defensive front, players like Katie McCabe bring stability and agility, ensuring your backline remains solid against attacking threats.

Improve your Team!

TOTW offers a fantastic opportunity for Ultimate Team enthusiasts to refine their squads with boosted versions of their favorite players. EA FC 24 continues to innovate in this realm, ensuring that these cards remain relevant and desirable amidst the array of promotional items that frequently emerge.