Toronto Ultra Clinches CDL Major One Title with Near-Perfect Performance

Toronto Ultra Clinches CDL Major One Title with Near-Perfect Performance

30. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The Toronto Ultra has triumphantly secured the championship at the first Call of Duty League (CDL) LAN event of the 2024 season. Their impressive journey culminated in a near-perfect performance, losing only two maps in the entire tournament.

Tournament Overview:

  • Map Count: Toronto Ultra achieved a remarkable 13-2 map count.
  • Undefeated Modes: The team remained unbeaten in both Hardpoint and Search and Destroy modes.

The Road to Redemption

After a crushing 5-0 defeat in the CoD Champs 2023 grand finals against the New York Subliners, Toronto Ultra reshaped their team with the acquisition of 2022 world champion Envoy. Their preparation and determination were evident in the CDL Major One online qualifiers, where they showcased their formidable potential.

COD CDL2024 Major1 TorontoUltra Insight 1024x576 1

Qualifiers Performance:

  • Record: 6-1 in the Major One online qualifiers.
  • Notable Victory: A dominant 3-0 sweep over New York Subliners on Jan. 19.

Dominating the Boston Event

In Boston, Toronto Ultra displayed their prowess by swiftly overcoming Seattle Surge and Minnesota RØKKR. This set the stage for an epic winners bracket clash with Atlanta FaZe, who were unbeaten in the qualifiers. Despite a map loss, Toronto emerged victorious with a 3-1 series win.

COD CDL2024 Major1 TorontoUltra champions

Grand Finals Showdown:

  • Opponent: Rematch against Atlanta FaZe in the grand finals.
  • Outcome: Similar to their first encounter, Toronto Ultra prevailed, especially in the Search and Destroy matches.

Key Victories and Standout Performances

The Hardpoint games were tightly contested, but Toronto’s strategic mastery in Search and Destroy was evident. Atlanta FaZe could only clinch a win in Invasion Control, underscoring Toronto’s dominance in other modes.

Team Synergy:

  • Team Composition: CleanX, Insight, Scrap, and Envoy.
  • Remarkable Records: 6-0 in Hardpoint and 5-0 in Search and Destroy at the tournament.

Looking Ahead to Major Two

As CDL Major One champions, Toronto Ultra has set a high bar for the upcoming season. Scrap’s post-match remarks reflect the team’s newfound confidence and determination to maintain their top position.

Next Challenge:

  • Online Qualifiers: The journey continues with Major Two online qualifiers starting February 16.

A Resounding Victory at CDL Major One

Toronto Ultra’s victory at CDL Major One is not just a triumph but a statement of their resilience and strategic brilliance in the Call of Duty League. As they gear up for the next challenge, they remain the team to watch in the 2024 CDL season.