Toast the masked VALORANT agent

Toast the masked VALORANT agent

26. July 2023 by miranda angeles

Riot Games has transformed Toast into one of the masked VALORANT agents. The popular content creator is the focus of the new VALORANT promotion.

Recall that since the famous streamer decided to create his esports organization, Disguised Toast, and form a squad to play in VCT, the attention to VALORANT has increased greatly. Even though the team has not had the best results in the league, the game’s popularity has steadily grown thanks to their participation. So Riot Games has decided to express its gratitude with a new project.

Toast the masked VALORANT agent

Yesterday a video was released showing the special Cypher sculpture created by Moya Garrison Msingwana. This sculpture has a Toast motif. According to Riot Games, the Toast sculpture is the first product of the Catalyst project.

The Catalyst project is about taking inspiration and bringing them into modern pieces of culture. Apparently, this first project started at the end of June and is expected to continue.

Catalyst Project

The design of Cypher’s face is the Disguised Toast logo, a slice of bread with whiskers and sunglasses. One of the best details is that the platform Cypher stands on happens to be an inactive cybernetic cage. After Riot Games gave the sculpture to Toast, Toast tweeted about it twice. In his first post, the content creator praises the artwork’s beauty. In his second post-Toast, he expresses his gratitude and shares a video with the artist who created the sculpture.

Undoubtedly, VALORANT developers have chosen Toast to make him their Cypher sculpture thanks to the strategy to increase his popularity. But that’s not all. Thanks to his ingenuity in video games such as Teamfight Tactics and Hearthstone, they have also chosen him.

Toast commented that it took artist Msingwana about a month to make the sculpture a reality. In turn, Toast commented on what this project has meant to him and the general VALORANT community. According to Toast, holding and feeling the sculpture has been very meaningful.

On the other hand, Toast has revealed that he is no longer just a gamer. He comments that he owns an esports team and that his goal is to have an impact far beyond him. In turn, Toast comments that the Catalyst sculpture is a prime example.

Although Riot Games has not said anything, VALORNAT fans believe more people will receive their sculptures soon. Should the Catalyst project stick, other content creators, team owners, or even prominent members of the VALORNAT community may be honored to receive their Cypher sculpture as part of the project.