TimTheTatman wants to remove is CoD Operator for NICKMERCS

TimTheTatman wants to remove is CoD Operator for NICKMERCS

11. June 2023 by Andrew Williams

The notable streamer TimTheTatman has raised a call to arms, desiring to extricate his personal Call of Duty skin bundle, a move prompted by the recent dismissal of his comrade, NICKMERCS’ similar bundle. This upheaval arose in the wake of accusations of homophobia against NICKMERCS, sparked by a Twitter comment that ignited an intense discourse.

Previously, NICKMERCS, a streamer of considerable renown, faced the removal of his operator skin bundle from Call of Duty, a consequence of a polemical tweet. Now, TimTheTatman has appealed to the creators of the game, lobbying for the removal of his own bundle in a show of camaraderie towards NICKMERCS, amidst this escalating controversy.

NICKMERCS sparks controversy

The spark that ignited this conflagration of debate was a single tweet by NICKMERCS. The tweet concerned the acknowledgment of Pride Month within an educational institution, an event that culminated in a ruckus and subsequent detainment of three individuals. NICKMERCS’ pointed response was, “They should keep the little kids out of it. That’s the real problem.”

While this sentiment resonated with some, a horde of dissenters rose, labeling him anti-LGBTQ. This maelstrom gained such momentum that the fallout included the extraction of his bundle from the game. The helms of Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 issued a statement about their commitment to “celebrating PRIDE with our staff and community,” while announcing the removal of his skin from their virtual marketplace.

Loyalty by Dr. Disrespect and TimTheTatman

A chain reaction ensued. The fallout led Dr. Disrespect to sever ties with Warzone 2. Now, TimTheTatman has thrown his hat into the ring, requesting the removal of his bundle from Modern Warfare 2. While he remains uninvolved in the heart of the controversy, he seeks to evict his skin bundle from the marketplace in solidarity with NICKMERCS. The depth of Tim’s support for Nick’s comment remains obscure. However, his desire to stand with his friend and remove his bundle from the store, mirroring NICKMERCS’, is clear. The possibility of player reimbursements and further implications, however, hangs in the balance, shrouded in uncertainty.

NICKMERCS has been my confidant for many a year, we birthed our CoD characters in unison. To witness his removed while mine persists feels disingenuous. For the sake of fraternity, I beseech the developers to expunge the timthetatman bundle.”

Activision stays silent

For Tim and his following, the bundle’s presence has been a source of jubilation. Its possible ejection could dampen spirits considerably. Regardless, Tim’s supporters have vocalized their backing for both him and NICKMERCS amidst the tempest, with the tweet garnering widespread attention within moments of its posting.

At this juncture, Activision has yet to address Tim’s appeal. The fate of his skin, whether it will face removal or persist, remains an open question.