Timado Reaches Master Rank in Starcraft II

Timado Reaches Master Rank in Starcraft II

6. April 2024 by Never

Enzo “Timado” Gianoli, renowned for his expertise in Dota 2, has ventured into the realm of Starcraft II, securing the prestigious Master Rank. This unexpected achievement has sparked excitement among fans and raised eyebrows in the gaming community.

Timado’s Journey to Mastery

Sharing his triumph on social media platform X, Timado disclosed that his foray into Starcraft II began as a casual pursuit. However, his dedication and skill propelled him to the coveted Master Rank, a feat he accomplished by mastering strategies involving Marine, Widow Mine, and Cyclone units.

Implications of Master Rank

Attaining Master Rank in Starcraft II places Timado among the top 4.3% of players, showcasing his versatility and adaptability across multiple gaming genres. This accomplishment parallels achieving the Immortal rank in Dota 2, underscoring Timado’s prowess in competitive gaming.


Future Prospects

While Timado’s focus remains on Dota 2, where he recently played as a stand-in carry for OG in the Elite League, his dalliance with Starcraft II reflects his passion for strategic gameplay. Despite currently being teamless in Dota 2, Timado continues to engage with fans through Twitch streams, keeping his options open for future endeavors.

Beyond Dota: Enzo ‘Timado’ Gianoli Achieves Master Rank in Starcraft II, Cementing His Versatility and Skill

Enzo “Timado” Gianoli’s ascent to Master Rank in Starcraft II highlights his proficiency beyond the realms of Dota 2. With his strategic acumen and dedication, Timado remains a formidable force in the gaming community, poised to excel in whichever arena he chooses to conquer next.