TI23’s Prize Pool: A Recent Increase Analysis and Comparison to Previous Years

TI23’s Prize Pool: A Recent Increase Analysis and Comparison to Previous Years

9. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

The world of Dota 2 and its flagship tournament, the International, has always been a significant topic within the eSports community. The prize pool is a crucial indicator of the game’s anticipation and community investment. Let’s look at how the International 2023’s prize fund has progressed.

Recent Increase in TI23’s Prize Pool

In a recent tally, the International 2023 (TI23) prize pool has experienced an increase of $21,000 in just 24 hours. Since the launch of the new Dota 2 related compendium, the base figure of $1.6 million has grown to $2.88 million in just ten and a half days.

Comparison to Previous Years

It’s vital to note that although this growth is impressive and has already surpassed the TI’s 2013 prize pool, which was $2,874,380, it’s notably lower than in preceding years. To provide context, in the same ten and a half day period following the compendium launch last year, the prize pool reached an impressive $10.7 million.

the international evolucion del prize

Details of International 2023

The anticipated International 2023 tournament will take place from October 14th to 29th in Seattle, USA. The iconic Climate Pledge Arena (formerly known as Key Arena) will be the venue where 20 elite teams will face off in pursuit of the supreme title.

It’s important to underline that the set base prize pool for the championship is $1.6 million. Furthermore, 25% of all sales derived from the new compendium go directly to the tournament’s prize pool, demonstrating once again the community’s commitment and passion.

Numbers that Generate Confusion

As we gear up for the tournament, it’s crucial to keep an eye on the evolving prize pool as it’s a barometer of the community’s enthusiasm and support. Even if the current numbers don’t match previous records, it’s essential to remember the dedication and passion Dota 2 fans have shown year after year.