The International 12 Playoffs: Predictions & Analysis

The International 12 Playoffs: Predictions & Analysis

20. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

The much-anticipated playoffs of The International 12 kick off today, taking us into the intense octavos of the tournament. As it stands, the playoff bracket is bifurcated between the upper and lower blocks. Those who outperformed during the group stage find themselves in the superior bracket, while the rest grapple in the lower section.

Today’s schedule is packed with four gripping matches. Let’s delve into what we can expect from each of these games and offer some predictions to guide your betting decisions.

Team Spirit vs Virtus.Pro

When talking about top contenders for the title, Team Spirit undoubtedly stands out. Their unmatched prowess saw them wrap up their group stage with a perfect 10-0 score, not dropping a single map throughout. Their wins aren’t just numbers; each victory was a testament to their dominance in the arena. Given their current form and past performance, they’re not only the clear favorites for this match but for the entire tournament.

Prediction: Team Spirit all the way.

Team Liquid vs Talon Esports

Team Liquid, another titan in the Dota 2 realm, enters this stage after claiming the top spot in their group during the initial phase. On the flip side, Talon landed mid-table in their group but managed to cause quite a stir by besting Gladiators Gaming, propelling them to the upper bracket. Despite Talon’s surprising victory, Team Liquid’s consistency makes them the preferable choice.

Prediction: A solid bet on Team Liquid is recommended.

LGD Gaming vs 9Pandas

This match-up is arguably the most evenly poised and eagerly awaited one in the playoff series. LGD Gaming, having secured the pole position in their group, has lost just a single map in the entire tournament, showcasing an escalating form. 9Pandas, despite their mediocre group-stage performance, managed to pull off an upset against BetBoom. While they aim to replicate this success against LGD, the odds lean heavily towards the latter.

Prediction: Betting big on LGD Gaming would be the smart move.

Team Nouns vs Azure Ray

The day’s finale features Team Nouns, a team that’s emerged as a surprise element in this upper phase. Having clinched the final slot in their group, they further amplified their reputation by defeating Tundra esports, the reigning world champions. Azure Ray, however, seems to be grappling with some issues, preventing them from showcasing their true potential. Regardless, in this face-off, Azure Ray is the more predictable victor.

Prediction: Azure Ray is the safe bet.

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Don’t Miss any Game!

Tomorrow promises more adrenaline-filled lower bracket matches, narrowing down the teams for the next stage. As we witness the unfolding of these battles, always remember, while predictions are based on analysis and past performances, the dynamic nature of Dota2 esports can always spring a surprise.