TI 2023: The Ultimate Guide to The International’s Roadmap, Scores, and Rankings

TI 2023: The Ultimate Guide to The International’s Roadmap, Scores, and Rankings

11. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Dota 2 aficionados, brace yourselves. The International is on the horizon. With a revamped format, this zenith of Dota 2 tournaments is about to set the stage on fire. As the best 20 teams from across the globe gather in the heart of Dota – Seattle, U.S., all eyes are on the coveted Aegis of Champions.

The Preamble

While the adrenaline-packed clashes are sure to be the highlight, the tournament’s fresh format has everyone’s interest piqued. The month of October is set to become a battleground as Dota titans vie for the championship. But, the Road to the International, essentially a challenging group stage, awaits these warriors first.

Note: All match timings are in Central U.S. time (CT).

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Diving Deep into the Schedule

Thursday, Oct. 13

  • 12 pm:
    • Group A: Spirit vs. 9Pandas and EG vs. Entity set the ball rolling.
    • Group B: Thunder Predator takes on BetBoom, laying down the gauntlet.
    • Group C: LGD squares off against Gaimin.
    • Group D: TSM faces Tundra in a clash that promises fireworks.
  • 2 pm:
    • Group A: Spirit matches wits with SMG.
    • Group B: It’s Liquid against Azure Ray, while Thunder Predator and Shopify Rebellion lock horns.
    • Group C: nouns challenges beastcoast.
    • Group D: Tundra faces off against Talon.
  • 4 pm:
    • Group A: 9Pandas and Entity clash in a game to watch.
    • Group B: Liquid and BetBoom engage in a duel.
    • Group C: LGD vs. nouns and VP goes against Gaimin.
    • Group D: Keyd Stars meets PSG Quest in what promises to be a thrilling encounter.
  • 6 pm:
    • Group A: Spirit grapples with Entity, while EG challenges SMG.
    • Group C: VP confronts beastcoast.
    • Group D: Keyd Stars takes on Tundra, and TSM competes against Talon.
  • 8 pm:
    • Group A: 9Pandas faces SMG in a crucial match.
    • Group B: Shopify Rebellion collides with Liquid, and Azure Ray goes head-to-head with Thunder Awaken.
    • Group C: Gaimin matches up against nouns.
    • Group D: TSM faces off against PSG Quest.

A Closer Look: The ‘Group of Death’

The spotlight is firmly on Group B this year, which many are dubbing the ‘Group of Death’. With heavyweights like Team Liquid, Shopify Rebellion, and BetBoom in the fray, stakes are sky-high. With one wrong move potentially leading to an early exit, the pressure in this group is palpable.

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Unveiling TI 2023’s New Format

The International 2023 introduces a game-changing multi-phase format. Gone are the earlier nine-team round-robins. Now, teams are divided into quintets. Post four round-robin Bo2s, the team placed fifth bows out. The survivors face a reseeding, leading to high-stakes Bo3s. The outcome determines their position in the playoff brackets.

Get Ready to Experience an Incredible Event!

TI 2023 promises to be a rollercoaster, offering edge-of-the-seat action and strategies that will go down in the annals of Dota2 esports history. As teams gear up, fans worldwide are in for a treat.