TheShy: Weibo Gaming’s Beacon of Hope in Worlds Final

TheShy: Weibo Gaming’s Beacon of Hope in Worlds Final

17. November 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Kang Seung-lok “TheShy”, a key figure in Weibo Gaming, is much more than just a player; he’s an enigma capable of stirring up the League of Legends community with his gameplay. His participation in the World Championship raises a critical question: what could he achieve if he played with full enthusiasm?

TheShy’s Semifinal Mastery

In the semifinals against Bilibili Gaming, TheShy’s performance was a self-tribute, showcasing his career’s trajectory. He demonstrated his dominance in top lane with Rumble and his prowess on Aatrox, one of his hallmark champions.

Despite some fluctuations in performance, including a unique yet unsuccessful Quinn pick and an Ornn in the decisive fifth game, TheShy’s gameplay was a rollercoaster of highs and lows, characteristic of his career.

Evolving Gameplay and Maturity


TheShy has evolved from a player known for his arrogance to one who now embodies humility and experience. His journey echoes that of other renowned players like Kim Dong-ha “Khan”. TheShy’s decision to switch from Quinn to a more subdued playstyle in 2023 signifies his growth and adaptability.

TheShy’s Influence on the Game

TheShy has been instrumental in changing the dynamic of top-lane gameplay, inspiring younger players to take on more assertive roles. His impact is evident in the playing style of players like Choi Woo-je “Zeus”, his opponent from T1, who also seeks to break free from the label of ‘choker’ in finals.

Legacy and Future Impact

Whether TheShy wins or loses in the upcoming finals against T1, his legacy is secure. A second World Championship win would parallel the celebrated exit of Khan, offering a dream farewell for any League of Legends player.

TheShy’s Influence: A New Generation of Top Laners

TheShy, along with players like Khan, has been crucial in inspiring a new generation of top laners. They’ve shifted the role from a supporting position to one that can take the lead and directly confront opponents. Zeus, for instance, has been influenced by TheShy’s aggressive playstyle, notably with champions like Graves.

TheShy’s Unmatched Impact

TheShy’s journey and influence in League of Legends esports are undeniable. His presence in the Worlds final is not just about winning or losing; it’s about inspiring and evolving the game. Regardless of the outcome, TheShy remains a pivotal figure in the history and future of League of Legends.