The winners of the SSBU European Online Challenge have been announced

The winners of the SSBU European Online Challenge have been announced

6. January 2023 by Andrew Williams

Nintendo Europe organized a European Super Smash Bros Ultimate competition on December 9. The results have just been published and it is Frenchman Yassine “Sirove” who took first place. The rest of the rankings are mostly Germans and Brits.

It didn’t take long for Nintendo Europe to try to make the Smash World Tour affair, which has done serious damage to the SSBU competitive scene, go away. Indeed, shortly after organizers announced SWT’s cancellation, publisher Nintendo created a new competition for the European public.

The “Super Smash Bros Ultimate European Online Challenge: Winter Rumble” took place on Dec. 9. The results were published late in the evening on Dec. 20. First place in the competition went to Frenchman Yassine ‘Sirove’ O. with a total of 28051.92 points. Sirove is known as a Donkey Kong main.

The ranking is dominated by players of German, Spanish and French origin. Only two Belgians made the top 100 in the European rankings, REVZ and DnK | Olex, ranked 76th and 90th respectively.

The tournament score is an assessment of the player’s level, based on the results of the matches and the results of all participants.

Participants could participate in as many matches as they wanted during the more than two-hour event. The top 10 participants were able to redeem the modest $25 in the form of virtual points to be spent in Nintendo’s e-shop. The next 90 were rewarded with a 10-euro virtual voucher.

The future of the SSBU competition remains a question mark with all these recent events. It will be interesting to see if the community has the ability to influence the course of future competitions, especially in the case of the Smash World Tour!