The VALORANT Champions 2023 pack has already raised 10 times the value of the prize purse

The VALORANT Champions 2023 pack has already raised 10 times the value of the prize purse

24. August 2023 by miranda angeles

To date, the prize pool for the 2023 VALORANT Champions was the largest prize pool in history, with $2.25 million to be distributed. Now, if we add the money raised by the popular skins package to this significant prize pool, the top teams in the championship will take home a significant bonus. It has recently been announced that the money raised from sales of the 2023 Champions pack is 10 times the prize pool.

The VALORANT Champions 2023 pack is 10 times bigger than the prize purse.

Early estimates on the money raised by the skins pack for the event are high, especially compared to the tournament’s prize pool. According to the information revealed by Riot Games yesterday, August 23, the package has already raised $20 million for the 2023 Champions teams. As we mentioned, this amount is almost ten times higher than the prize pool.

Significant revenue from the sales of the 2023 VALORANT Champions pack

Remember that Riot Games distributes 50% of the packs’ profits among the teams. If the developer reported that more than $20 million will be distributed to the teams, it means that Riot Games has already earned more than $40 million.

If we compare the 2023 pack with the previous years, it is the most profitable. Recall that, in 2021, the packs’ earnings were $18 million, of which $9 million went to the teams.

Then, in 2022, the additional prize purse for that year’s VALORANT Champions reached $16 million. Each team took home over $1 million, far more than the tournament’s prize pool. It is important to note that this year, the team-proclaimed champion will take home $1 million as part of the tournament’s base prize pool. To this amount must be added the earnings of the packs.

Remember that the teams’ monetary reward increases according to their players’ performance and results. However, the money earned from the sale of skins ensures that all participating teams receive a monetary reward.

Riot Games’ goal with profit-sharing

Riot Games’ goal in sharing the proceeds from the sale of the packs is to help fund the teams. In this way, no organization will be dependent on the results obtained in the tournament. While prize pools are always a component of player contracts, the proceeds from skin sales are usually divided differently by the organizations.

VALORANT Champions Pack 2023

All VALORANT fans can still purchase the Tournament Pack and thus support their favorite teams. The sale of the 2023 VALORANT Champions Pack will be available until a few days after the end of the tournament. This will allow the organizations to earn more money from selling the skins.