The top 5 highest earning Lol teams in history

The top 5 highest earning Lol teams in history

19. June 2023 by miranda angeles

Since 2011, Riot Games’ flagship title has been holding tournaments where financial rewards are awarded to the best teams in the world.

To this day, there has been an important Lol competitive scene. One of the most popular video games in the world, if not the biggest, is thanks in part to Riot Games. That’s why, although from time to time, there are groups eager to compete in the biggest tournaments in the competitive scene, the history of the game favors the groups that have been gratifying their fans the longest.

Today we count down the teams that have won the most money in LoL competitions throughout the video game’s history.

Top 5 highest-earning Lol teams in history

EDward Gaming

Tournament prize winnings: $4,004,772

The Chinese organization EDward Gaming has one of the strongest teams in the region. Since the beginning of the professional scene, their clash against RNG has been one of the most captivating classics to watch worldwide. The roster composed of Koro1, Clearlove, PawN, Deft, and Meiko that won MSI 2015 no longer exists, but they are still fighting to regain their former glory, just like the other Chinese champions in recent years.

The fictional squad won its first World Cup in 2021, taking home a $489,500 prize. Since then, thanks to their consistency, they have remained among the top teams in their region. Their most recent results in the LPL are third place in the 2022 Spring Tournament and third place in the 2022 Summer Tournament.


Royal Never Give Up

Tournament prize winnings: $4,188,405

Royal Never Give Up is one of the strongest teams in history and China. This is one of the best-known organizations, thanks to players like Mlxg, Mata, LetMe, and even Uzi (one of the best players in Lol history). Although they currently have three MSIs (2018, 2021, and 2022), they continue to do well in key competitions.

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Tournament prize winnings: $4,252,048.

For a long time, the Samsung brand has been one of the most dominant in the LoL competitive scene. Despite having the “cheat” of counting trophies from three different outfits – Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Blue, and Samsung White – after the club’s demise in 2018, it remains one of the highest-earning teams in history.


Invictus Gaming

Tournament prize earnings: $4,274,691.

Since entering the professional Lol in 2011, this club has, in all likelihood, been the best team in China at various times. One of the most entertaining rivalries in history was their early battle against Team WE. Thanks to players like TheShy, Rookie, or JackeyLove, they have recently regained their position at the top of the rankings.

In China, the new school is displacing the old school, but there is no doubt that IG will fight to regain its position in the area. They are in a difficult situation because, lately, they have not been able to discover a clear direction to follow.

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SK Telecom T1

Tournament prize earnings: $8,288,323

Undoubtedly the squad with the most wins in the history of the LoL competitive scene. Over the years, stars such as Faker, Marin, Bengi, Duke, and Wolf have played or are still on this team. Among the achievements of the South Korean organization are two MSI and three World Championships. They also have a long history of second and third-place finishes in recent times. Interestingly, the team has not dropped out of the semifinals of a world competition since the 2021 World Cup.

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