The Rise of Kick: Streaming Platform Hits Milestone

The Rise of Kick: Streaming Platform Hits Milestone

8. May 2024 by Never

Kick, the burgeoning streaming platform, has achieved a significant milestone by surpassing 150 million hours watched in a single month for the first time in its history.

April has underscored Kick’s success with impressive figures in hours watched, average viewership, and content diversity, solidifying its position as a leading player in the streaming industry, albeit behind Twitch.

Kick’s April Triumph

April proved to be a pivotal month for Kick, as it crossed the 150 million hours watched milestone, affirming its steady growth trajectory. While some metrics did not surpass March’s records, overall performance remained robust, reinforcing Kick’s standing as a key industry player.

Content Trends and Viewership

The “Just Chatting” category emerged as the most viewed, closely followed by “Slots & Casino” and “Grand Theft Auto V (GTA).” Notably, ‘GTA’ maintained its popularity among both viewers and creators, holding onto its top position for another month.

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Activision’s ‘Call of Duty’ franchise continued its strong performance, with titles like ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ and ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III’ sustaining high viewership and experiencing increased watch time.

Top Streamers and Global Reach

Adin Ross secured the top spot as the most-watched streamer in April, trailed by renowned names like xqc and Westcol. The rise in popularity among certain streamers stemmed from a mix of diverse content and special events. Amouranth retained her position as the top female streamer, followed by demisux and Nadia.


The United States and Canada dominated the highest-ranking streamer positions, with other countries like Turkey also represented on the list, showcasing Kick’s global audience diversity.

Twitch Records 1.626 Billion Hours Watched in April, Slight Decline from Previous Month

In contrast, Twitch recorded 1.626 billion hours watched in April, marking a 10% decrease from the previous month. Despite this decline, Twitch remains robust, with a consistent number of active channels and an engaged audience.