The record audience for MLBB’s women’s SEA Games

The record audience for MLBB’s women’s SEA Games

15. May 2023 by miranda angeles

Women’s esports are growing daily and capturing many more people’s interest. This fact was demonstrated at the SEA Games when one of the women’s competitions broke the audience record.

We are talking about the MLBB women’s competition at the SEA Games being history’s most-watched women’s esports competition. The grand final, where the Indonesian girls were crowned champions, was the most watched competition in esports; its highest peak viewership was 1.3 million. With this significant number of viewers, the latest MLBB tournament far surpasses any women’s competition in the past.

What are the most watched women’s competitions?

The women’s SEA Games are here to stay as the most watched competition. Remember that esports is included in the SEA games for the third time in a row. However, women’s esports competitions are the first time they have added.

The MLBB women’s league has become one of the most watched leagues in esports, so the new inclusion seems perfect. Six women’s teams fought for the gold medal in this important competition.

The countries in the SEA Games are Cambodia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, and Laos. However, the countries that proved to be the strongest were the Philippines, represented by Omega Empress, and Indonesia, represented by Bigetron Era, who made it to the grand final.

According to data published by Esports Charts, the grand final captured the attention of 1.3 million people who saw the Indonesian girls crowned as the champions.

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This was followed by MWI 2022, which reached a peak of 392,000 viewers, according to Esports Charts data. However, this competition is nowhere near the record that has just been broken.

The most watched women’s competitions


  • MLBB SEA games: Peak audience of 1.3 million.


  • MWI: Peak viewership of 392,405.
  • VCT Game Changers VCT: Peak viewership of 239,334.
  • Ladies Series SEA Invitational: Peak audience of 183,786
  • Wonderful Indonesia Srikandi Championship: 183,390

Women’s MLBB SEA Games

As we discussed earlier, the teams that proved to be the strongest throughout the competition were the Philippines and Indonesia. However, Indonesia showed more control and won the first women’s SEA Games.

However, the Philippines fought until the end, and did not make it easy for Indonesia to win. Indonesia won the first game; the Philippines returned by winning two consecutive games. But finally, Indonesia won the last two games to make the final 3-2.

Women’s MLBB SEA Games standings:

  • 1st place: Indonesia (Gold Medal)
  • 2nd place: Philippines (Silver Medal)
  • 3rd place: Malaysia (Bronze Medal)
  • 4th place: Vietnam
  • 5th place: Cambodia
  • 6th place: Laos