The prices of the champions in League of Legends

The prices of the champions in League of Legends

8. August 2023 by miranda angeles

Whether you’re a new League of Legends player or have been playing Riot Games’ MOBA for years, you probably want to get your hands on all the champions in the game. While it’s true that, as time passes, more people have access to all the options, not everyone does the same. If you’ve ever been curious about the reasons behind the different prices of champions (whether in blue essences or Riot Points), today we’ll talk about what the company made official a few months ago with the most recent revision.

If you want to know the list of the different prices in scents and Riot Points, continue reading.

The prices of all champions in League of Legends

Character ranks can vary depending on whether you’re a novice or an experienced player, as noted above. Although anyone can get any champion if they pay their price, it’s typical for new accounts to get the most affordable options first. Today we’ll talk about the factors that contribute to the respective value levels of different champions.

Blue Essences: 450

These champions are great for new LoL players. According to the statistics, these champions have an attractive fantasy and easily accessible kit to help people succeed early on. Even though they were the champions with the most in-game tendency, they have now included champions offering options with “easy” kits for newbie players.


Annie, Amumu, Ashe, Brand, Caitlyn, Diana, Darius, Dr. Mundo, Garen, Lux, Leona, Maestro Yi, Malphite, Miss Fortune, Nunu, Poppy, Sejuani, Soraka, Sona, Teemo, Warwick, Yuumi.

Yuumi 0

Blue essences: +1,300

These champions are a little more difficult to master but still accessible to beginner players. Some choices are easier to make, such as Sett, and others are more difficult to maximize, such as Yasuo.


Alistar, Cho’Gath, Blitzcrank, Ezreal, Evelynn, Fizz, Fiddlestick, Jax, Janna, Kai’Sa, Lucian, Lee Sin, Mordekaiser, Nasus, Rammus, Pantheon, Rammus, Sion, Sett, Taric, Tryndamere, Tristana, Udyr, Vi, Veigar, Volibear, Xerath, Xin Zhao, Zilean.

Lucian 0

Blue Essences: 3,150

The champions in this category have a higher specialization or degree of difficulty. New” champions and those that require a few more hours to maximize their potential in games begin to emerge. However, other options, such as Shen, may be more suitable for newer players.


Ahri, Anivia, Akali, Braum, Corki, Ekko, Gangplank Galio, Gragas, Heimerdinger, Irelia, Illaio, Jinx, Jarvan IV, Karma, Katarina, Kassadin, Kayn, LeBlanc, Nidalee, Nocturne, Olaf, Pyke, Samira, Seraphine, Shen, Sylas, Shyvana, Swain, Syndra, Thresh, Trundle, Twitch, Urgot, Vladimir, Vayne, Viktor, Wukong, Yone, Zyra.

Jinx 37

Blue essences: 4,444

For this level, only perfection and beauty are allowed. Jhin will be the only one with a “lore discount,” but only in Blue Essence.



Blue Essence: 4.780

This level will be reached by most of the League of Legends champion squad. It has often been the group in which we have had the most champions throughout history. Especially now that there are more options available, including Naafiri.



Aphelios, Aatrox, Aurelion Sol, Akshan, Azir, Cassiopeia, Camille, Draven, Elise, Fiora, Gwen, Graves, Hecarim, Ivern, Jayce, Kayle, Kalista, Kennen, Kindred, Kha’Zix, Kog’Maw, Lillia, Malzahar, Nautilus, Neeko, Orianna, Ornn, Qiyana, Rakan, Rek’Sai, Rell, Renekton, Rengar, Rumble, Ryze, Singed, Skarner, Tahm Kench, Taliyah, Twisted Fate, Vel’Koz, Viego, Xayah, Ziggs, Zoe.

Blue Essences: 6,300

One of the least populated groups. We will find the most recent champions of League of Legends.


Naafiri, Renata, Bel’Veth, K’Sante, Nilah, Glasc, Zeri.x