The Overlooked Warzone Submachine Gun Outperforming Assault Rifles

The Overlooked Warzone Submachine Gun Outperforming Assault Rifles

31. October 2023 by Never

Warzone’s gaming environment has always been fluid, with weapons moving in and out of favor based on game updates and shifts in player preferences. The battle royale’s dynamics changed once again as we approached the transition from Modern Warfare 2 to Modern Warfare 3. This shift saw once-dominant weapons like the TR-76 Geist, ISO 45, and Lachmann 762 take a backseat. However, there’s a dark horse in the lineup that is now emerging stronger than ever: the PDSW submachine gun.

Why the PDSW Deserves Attention

Once overshadowed by the mainstream meta, the PDSW (often referred to as the P90 by many) has always been a robust choice. It’s built like a tank and hits like one too. So, why has it suddenly garnered attention?

Warzone expert, SallyIsADog, spotlighted the PDSW in his recent October 30th video. He suggests this SMG might now be the game’s new overpowering weapon. The reason? Its incredibly lethal firing rate. “Once you equip the particular barrel and suppressor I use, the bullet speed of the P90 almost doubles, making it almost a hit scanner,” he emphasizes. This configuration ensures the PDSW can outshoot most basic assault rifles, rivaling even some LMGs in performance. Its only limitation? It remains a submachine gun, limiting its long-range effectiveness.


The Ideal PDSW Build for Warzone Season 6

Here’s a look at the optimal setup that’s creating waves in the Warzone community:

  • Bocacha (Muzzle): 17′ Corvus Prorange
  • Cañón (Barrel): EXF Huntress-90
  • Acople (Attachment): FTAC Ripper 56
  • Mira (Optic): Aim OP-V4
  • Empuñadura Trasera (Rear Grip): Stip-40

This setup ensures minimal weapon movement, so players needn’t be overly concerned about recoil.

Why You Should Reconsider the PDSW

If you’ve been part of the Warzone community for a while, there’s a high chance you’ve tried the PDSW at least once. Given its renewed prominence and efficiency, now might be the time to revisit and make it a part of your main arsenal.

The Importance of PDSW’s

The dynamics of Warzone continually evolve, with weapons rising and falling in the meta hierarchy. As players, it’s crucial to adapt, test, and optimize weapon choices regularly. The PDSW’s recent surge underscores the importance of not overlooking any weapon, regardless of its past reputation. Always be prepared to experiment and adapt, for the battlefield is ever-changing.